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And whether it is possible?

Perhaps, to you what I will tell is not important to hear


but me is important to tell you it. whether Zh. Zh. Russo

Reflect parents how many aggression, rage and disrespect they splash out towards the child? Whether are fond too of the force and the power in education? Even without mentioning

those terrible cases when parents torture to semi-death of children, do not give them food, chain, let`s analyse cases and the facts together. They happen on the street, in shop, within the walls of a private property nearly every day.

can be Begun with attacks of parental rage, unclear for the sane person, when the child falls. Falls from a sofa or a chair, falls when runs, or simply, “having stumbled out of the blue“. Repeatedly author saw how in such cases violently begin to beat the child. And with what pride parents tell as they beat the son or the daughter! And for what? - that we, adults, want to receive the tender word, a consolation. And children?

Why parents beat children when those INCIDENTALLY break ware, vases and other attributes of an interior? After long reflections a conclusion arises. And whether not specially parents inspire fear in the child before the parental fist? Let subconsciously, but … It will turn out the convenient child. At work do not pay a salary or pay a little, in the market got nasty, the chief does not consider for the person, relatives “zapilit“, and houses - the defenseless child who turns into “whipping boy“. Terribly? But how to explain that the adult capable with one blow to kill the child, raises a hand against him? Knows that the son or the daughter will not strike in reply, will not go to complain to “highest authorities“.

A belt? The loyal friend and the assistant in education! Whether the adequate person can accustom to a pot, beating by a belt, one-year-old or one and a half years of the child? The phenomenon is not rare. And then, once you take a belt in hand, and the child - as meek as can be.

It is necessary to reflect, eventually, that happens to the child at such moments. Why parents do of the child of own slave? The difficult mechanism of mentality as if the time bomb, at the most unexpected moment can break. In such a way kindness not to grow. Is not present at parents of such right - to beat children!

“You are a boy! As it is not a shame to you to cry, be not dishonored!“ - the standard phrase in various variations if the boy cries. And it is unimportant that the child has a grief. The first vital test of the child - accustoming to kindergarten, especially if the child is emotionally not ready to it. Modern psychologists consider that impact on mentality and its consequences on all organism during adaptation to kindergarten for the child are comparable to strain which is experienced by the person when flying in space. But the healthy, prepared, trained person who prepared not one year for flight flies to space. Why to deprive of the child of an opportunity with tears to relieve his pain, offense. Boys should not impart contempt for manifestations of feelings. Let now him cry - the negative will quicker leave. You do not become the enemy to the child.

Is the phrase from which throws into a shiver. We so often speak to the children: “It is correct because I so told! You have to because I so told!“ Do not do a silly, heartless doll of the child. Explain to him why so it is impossible to arrive. Tell why something should be done. Task of parents not to “square“ the child, not to mold a certain model, and to teach to think, teach responsibility, to develop notorious quick-wittedness. Answer everything “why?“ and “what for?“. Open for the child the whole world and beauty of this world by the own words, acts, affairs. Do not lose happiness - to find in the grown-up child of the most important, true friend. Otherwise and the child will not find friends in the parents.

In conclusion there is a wish to add that five human qualities: sociability, conscientiousness, emotional stability, good nature and susceptibility to stresses are considered as congenital. And many efforts will not be required, to turn the that thinly feeling, vulnerable child into deeply unfortunate person who will not learn to rejoice and will not be able to be happy. Will be couples of rough, careless phrases enough - and sufferings from the childhood of people will bear all life. Alarms and experiences are inherent also in children, teenagers, you should not wave on it a hand, considering that the child is not the person yet. And demanding from the child of respect for parents, love and good, you should not forget that our children need the same.