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Increase of personal efficiency pleasant and fascinating process of


1. Everything is in the person.

2. With me everything is all right.

Prevents increase of personal efficiency:

• Dependence on foreign opinion.

• Uncertainty in.

• Digging “why so occurs?“

Provides the best increase of personal efficiency: • A habit to ask itself a question as often as possible “What I want

?“ • “How I want to make by


• At the seeming hopelessness to be beyond:

and) As I want to make it if everything was possible, everything, all?

) 5 minutes of pensive carelessness to write down everything that the first suddenly arises in the head but only then to analyze and “it is clever to estimate“ that from written really, effectively, interestingly and inspires. • How STILL I want to make by

it? by

• To choose pleasant and inspiring steps which I will take already today.

• I on the first place. When to me it is good, then it is better for all, I will be able to make for others more and with me it is easier and more pleasant to live.

• Environmental friendliness (when to both me, and others it is good, safe, harmonious).

The key moment in powerful increase of personal efficiency in replacement of the question “Why?“ by the magic question “How?“. On feel on yourself what causes in you each of these questions? What question motivates you to act in the future and what to digging in the past? The question “Why?“ automatically sends us to the past, we as if turn around and we look, we examine different details of the past, looking for the reasons. Process long and not always pleasant. It is so possible to reach also “antecedents“, every time finding new layer where there can be reasons. The most important, paying the attention to the past, we project, rather even we reproduce the past in the future and again there is a “painfully familiar“ situation and again: “Why?“ … Why for the 100-th time to go to the past? There all footpaths are already familiar. To go much more interestingly and more effectively forward. People who leave addiction to the question “Why?“, very strong. They spend, spend many forces, energy, time, persistently remaining to mark time.

The question “How?“ automatically focuses us on the future. Often, at once there is no answer, or those answers which are do not arrange. The most important that asking the question “How?“ answers new, often unexpected, non-standard, easy and pleasant come, and we create new in the life, the palette of taste of life extends and becomes bright and juicy.

Really, magic question “As? “ repeatedly increases personal efficiency!

It is easy for each person to replace the question “Why?“ with the question “How?“, does not demand in addition time or super efforts. Just instead of one, we set another. In 21 days the elementary habit which then works automatically for the good to us is formed.

Why to increase personal efficiency?

I. That it is even better to carry out that want from me, that “has to“, “is obliged“, “not where to get to“, it “is necessary“, “through I cannot“, etc.

II. To create, embody, realize what is valid for me important, valuably, glubinno.

I. Internal strategy “to Survive“

II. Internal strategy “Creates“

Results can be identical. Both strategy are effective, only the first - not eco-friendly for the person, but the second eco-friendly both for the person most and for people around.

To live in the first strategy by much it is habitual. Only habitually does not mean well. In our practice people for whom it is habitual = well meet. The habit is developed quickly enough when there is such “sticking“ (habitually = well), the person has a substitution, he thinks that he really wants what is habitual, at the same time inside a dissatisfaction. Actually habitually, it is habitual and “not equally good“.

to increase personal efficiency in the first strategy is necessary:

1. To forget about itself.

2. To do that want from you.

3. To make friends with sense of guilt, tension, weight, a dissatisfaction.

4. To compete, prove, estimate, fight.

5. To forbid to listen to itself, to feel, trust itself.

To live in the second strategy - courage and delight. It is difficult for many. But now such time when people pass from the first strategy into the second inside. Any time they as before do not want any more, and in a new way so far or do not know as, or cannot yet. How to be?

As often as possible to wonder “What I want actually?“ and “As I want to make it?“ + to choose pleasant, inspiring steps with which you will begin already today.

to increase personal efficiency in the second strategy is important:

1. To put itself on the first place. It is not egoism. When you put yourself on the first place, then you take for yourself pleasant steps. You dare to be oneself, create harmony inside, feel better, become more positive, creative, light. Surrounding it is easier and more pleasant to live with you, and you will be able to make for other people in all areas of life more.

2. “What do I want actually?“ and “As I want to make it?“ + to choose pleasant, inspiring steps with which you will begin already today.

3. To listen to itself, to trust itself, to dare to feel and be itself.

It is simple, available to everyone, pleasantly, saves time, forces, energy, changes life and improves (increases) naturally personal efficiency.