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How supermarkets trade? The way of a novelty

of What is only not used by marketing specialists to increase sales volumes. Based on the most advanced scientific developments, lighten the buyer mood, by hook or by crook hold it in a trading floor, enclose goods exactly there where the buyer looks, in that order as it will be pleasant to it and in that sequence as it is required to it.

Know and use all consumer weaknesses and features. And all the same, one goods disperse on “hurrah“, and others “from a scratch“. How in such situation to sell and earn more? The answer is obvious, to sell what is really necessary for visitors of shop.

The modern buyer spoiled by abundance is choosy and whimsical. Panel researches allow to be aware of his changeable preferences. In this panel technology - not a wall of the apartment and not the place of employment of representatives of the most ancient profession. The panel - specially selected group of buyers whose tastes carefully it is also long marketing specialists study.

Participants of the panel fill in questionnaires, have interviews and participate in polls. But the most important - is fixed by one and all purchases, entering the information about them in the database after each visit of shop.

A current trend - the goods come to shop in the individual packing supplied a stroke - a code. In such look it is more convenient to consider and sell it. Using achievements of information technologies, thousands of participants of the panel daily scan a stroke - codes of purchases by the device given them - the scanner and send data to base on the Internet. The automated process does not take a lot of time, but provides to researchers detailed information who when that and how many bought.

As a result marketing specialists precisely know what yogurt is preferred by middle-aged ladies not under strained circumstances and what sausage is pleasant to men - bachelors with middle-income.

Invaluable data for advertizing and producers of goods. New products and brands are issued only after the careful analysis of consumer tastes. The buyer for them is found still before the goods get to a supermarket.

The novelty is always additional expenses. That money was not gone in vain, at its release in sale any trifle is considered. Even the type of packaging of goods has to meet expectations of that on whom the product is focused. Developing it, designers look for the most attractive associations for target audience.

Panel researches allow to trace quickly as far as developments of designers were demanded and to quickly introduce amendments in positioning of any brand.

Positioning is the process of creation of image of goods based on his perception by the buyer. In this process the main thing not consumer qualities, and how they are given by the seller and are apprehended by the buyer. First of all, the buyer has to see a product in the mass of similar and pay attention to it.

The novelty before issue passes obligatory test. For testing select focus - group of representatives of a social group on which the new brand is focused. The future success of goods is predicted on the basis of these hours-long conversations during which to participants of group the mass of various questions of goods is set.

The course of conversations is watched by psychologists, not only direct answers and the expressed opinions, but also nonverbal gestures are analyzed. Sincerity of the person decides on their help.

Subjective opinions of respondents focus of group are confirmed by equipment. For definition of “visibility“ of goods on shelves among a set of similar products researchers use ouch - a tracker, the device tracing the direction of a look and emotion of the examinee.

The image of a set of goods in that look as they will be exposed on shelves of shop is output to the monitor. The tested new product is among those which already on sale. The longer the respondent`s look will linger on a novelty, the higher it chances to be sold.

As we see, to new goods it is not simple to break through on shelves of a supermarket at all. But efforts pay off a hundredfold. The buyer receives demanded goods, and the seller - the guaranteed income. All are happy.