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coaching in life of

In coaching since 2007. For me coaching as one of favourite very effective tools.

In coaching of people itself decides That he really wants As it will do what will begin with. My task as professional kouch to help it to find the answers, the solutions, the steps at itself inside. Such steps which Should not be done and Want to be done and the person will precisely make. The most valuable is the fact that coaching is a partnership which allows: To create serious results + for short terms + in the eco-friendly way + the person himself acts + subsequently, itself uses kouch approach, he in in which process kouch sessions was automatically trained.

Our life takes its course - all usually and habitually. But sometimes in it there comes such period when we want to change something, maybe, to learn something. Everyone has it differently at someone - at the level of feelings, feelings, understanding … ….

We talk about it to the relatives, familiar, to colleagues … … and we get in reply a set of advice, and sometimes diagnoses. And what happens to us when we begin to live, proceeding from the got advice? … …. It is pleasant to us? ….

A if in it the moment to ask itself questions: • What I want


• What is wanted by me? • What I actually want

? • As far as it is important

for me? • What is concrete


• What then will be in a different way?

As you think: how fast it is possible to receive answers? To find the solution, optimum for itself? Interesting “piece“ turns out - … … …

But we have questions, questions, questions all necessary for this purpose to resolve any issue, to cope with any situation. And if there was a question, so the answer already is, it should be realized only.

And one of the most effective ways of its understanding Coaching is.

Coaching (from English. coaching - a trenerstvo) is a professional help to the person in definition and achievement of its personal purposes. U. Timothy Golvi`s formulation is also remarkable: “Coaching - a technique of disclosure of potential of the personality for maximizing own productivity and efficiency. Coaching helps the personality to be trained more, than learns... It not only equipment which is applied in certain circumstances. It is a method of management, an interaction method with people, a way of thinking, a way of life“. to us ability to set the purposes those which are necessary to us, real, eco-friendly which achievement depends on us is really important

in our life. It is such surprising stage of inspiration where our dream which turns into the desired purpose arises. It as from a cocoon is born a butterfly, such graceful, free and beautiful. And then It filled with new feelings does the wave by wings, going to the first travel. It opens in itself abilities to fly in the different ways. And these opening inspire her. She wants to learn and that else?

And in our life occurs when we use Coaching! Using kouch-tools in the work and everyday life, we clearly see a way to the purpose, accurate steps for its achievement. We are able to place life priorities, to masterly distribute the time, and also to see resources for further development of the way and, thereby, we change quality of life. And what happens then to us?...... Then we who?.......

When all of us - understand who we are, at us is formed new global vision of the mission.

We become masters, creators of the effective, happy, harmonious life!