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How supermarkets trade? Art to induce

to sell more, employees of supermarkets work on that the buyer was weakened and happy. From the shelf to the shelf went slowly, along the long route which is in advance laid for it on which will be able to spend the maximum quantity of money for purchases. In the client`s wallet near a credit card the bonus card - a guarantee of fast return to shop in the future has to lie. Whether everything is made in order that the buyer behaved, as well as has to conduct: bought, bought and bought? Of course, no as there is no limit to perfection.

The thought-over route - yet not a guarantee of prosperity of trade enterprise. To pay attention to the most expensive and unpopular goods, merchandisers, the pro in “art get down to business to induce“. Their task, without addressing the buyer directly and without demanding anything from him, to make so that that wanted to buy.

It can be made if skillfully to offer goods. In relation to a trading floor of self-service shop - to spread out products on racks in the special way.

One of the principles of an apportion of goods on regiments - what should be sold has to “be an eyesore“ to buyers. For this purpose at the level of a look the goods of average and highest price category, in sum - the road give all the best. And popular and cheap products of the highest demand can be placed with the floor, they and so will be sorted to whom it is necessary - will bend down.

Technology cross-country - a merchandising realizes the principle of addition. Nearby the goods shared are placed. For example, macaroni near ketchup, or glasses at a wine rack. An example from the same area - “a gentlemen`s set“: the vodka bottle fitted by a packing film together with a thick glass tumbler.

Moving ahead to a treasured grain counter, or any other where it is possible to buy that, why, actually, and came, we pass the route established by the expert by infinite racks with useful, but not always the necessary goods. Notice, to the right of us it is more goods, quality it is better, respectively more expensively. Why?

Most of people of the right-handed person, are more convenient to take us from the shelf goods the right hand, we pay more attention to the right side. Therefore also the rule of the right hand - the firm rule of the merchandiser. On the right side of a route the priority goods which very much should be sold, on which the buyer has to (according to marketing specialists) are placed to pay attention.

Congenital features of character define our relation to the general order. At someone on a desktop each leaflet on strictly certain place, to someone on the contrary, is pleasant “a creative glove compartment“.

Experience of trade demonstrates that most of buyers in soul people deeply “decent“. Accurately laid goods are on sale better, than dumped on a rack by a heap. Psychologists claim what put in emotions, the products which are spread out by accurately sodinakovy intervals cause impression of stability which in modern life quite often is not enough.

Experts of trade are sure that it is possible to sell any goods, the main thing to pick up the correct method and the persistent seller. But nevertheless qualities of goods and need of the buyer for it play not the last role. Whether it is possible to operate these parameters of potential purchase? There is nothing impossible …