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How supermarkets trade? A holiday in a trading floor of

the Daily campaign in a supermarket for most of buyers - the necessary, but routine action which is not bringing to special joy. But if to turn it into a holiday or colourful show, then the grateful buyer, deriving pleasure, will be late at counters longer, and will surely fork up.

Unless there is a holiday without music? Of course, no. Unostentatious, moderately loud music accompanies the buyer in all corners of many supermarkets, distracting from daily cares, creating good mood. And in breaks between melodies the pleasant female voice will remind of the last receipts of goods, will advertize its irreplaceable useful properties, will send to the necessary corner of a trading floor.

The achievements of science of psychophysis which so effectively slowed down the buyer on an entrance to shop are not less effectively used also for formation of positive impressions during the whole time while the buyer wanders about the hall.

Color - the powerful weapon in hands of the professional of trade. Green - the designer of impression of wellbeing and prosperity, yellow - declines us to a compromise, red - makes active and … stimulates appetite.

Look narrowly at the hall. The poster - the index “Sale“ - red color, so it is necessary to hurry exactly there! The figures of the “transcendental“ prices confusing the buyer are printed on the yellow price tag calling for a compromise between desire and opportunities of a purse or on green: for the person with prosperity the main quality of goods, the price it is secondary.

Sight - the most important channel of receipt of information. Through sight of people receives about 70% of its volume, but also the remained 30% marketing specialists do not dump from the account.

The trading floor of good shop has to smell well. For this purpose many supermarkets keep own bakeries and not just to offer buyers the expanded range of fresh rolls and cakes.

The smell of fresh pastries attracts and stimulates appetite. Buyers as fish to a bait, aspire to racks with the hot pies located in the most distant corner of a trading floor from an entrance. You will not want, and you will reach, previously having studied practically all range of shop and having put in a purchase basket, earlier not planned.

Sense of smell is involved in sales not only food. The atmosphere of shoe shop meets the buyer by a pleasant smell well carried. At first sight everything is natural, than still to smell footwear?

But the modern footwear is not only skin, but also synthetic materials, glue and paint. They smell sharply and not so not “delicious“, muffling aroma of skin. The chemistry comes to the rescue. The atmosphere in a trading floor of shoe shops is formed not by(with) goods, and fragrances.

Aromadiffuzor - the small hardly noticeable unit spraying essential oils. In a trading floor it is irreplaceable, neutralizes unpleasant smells and sates the atmosphere thin, sometimes with almost inaudible aroma.

Aromadiffuzora apply not only to restoration of a “natural“ smell of goods, but also in general in any outlet where has to smell pleasantly and comfortably. Why?

Odorologiya, the science about smells, claims that they influence our behavior. Pleasant delicate aroma causes emotional lift, many smells form conditioned reflexes. Under the influence of a smell people remember earlier experienced emotions. For example, began to smell the seas can remind of holiday and rest, having turned routine purchase of a new thing into pleasant pastime.

Cheerful music, bright paints and pleasant smells. What else is necessary for the buyer for a holiday? Walk soul! But to marketing specialists not to fun. At them it is still full of work.

Where the slow and kinder buyer will direct the feet? Does not know what creates, the child small …