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How supermarkets trade? Take your time!

On the way home from work come into a supermarket behind bread, and leave it with a volume plastic package in hands. How it occurs? Why we buy that we were not going to buy?

Really again “quirky shopkeepers“ deceived the buyer, enticed at him “terribly earned“? Absolutely not. Any deception, continuous “sleight of hand“ of the modern sellers trading “on science“, using features of behavior of people.

According to marketing specialists, shop in which the buyer comes for sausages and leaves it only with sausages - bad shop. The modern supermarket is a technology by means of which it is possible to sell practically anything, and in any quantities.

“Battlefield“ of marketing specialists for growth of sales - a trading floor. The priority - as long as possible to detain in it the buyer. For this reason “convenience goods“, such as the bread and dairy products which are daily bought up in a huge number are in the end of the hall, opposite to an entrance.

The average buyer “flies“ in a trading floor with a speed of 60 meters per minute. He hurries to treasured sausages, bread and milk. What can he make out at such speed? The hasty buyer to the seller not the companion, it is necessary to brake him.

What can force the buyer to shorten a stride directly at an entrance, or, at least, on the first third of a route, otherwise too many goods will appear outside attention of a potential source of the income? Something bright and interesting that will distract from the ordinary everyday purpose to buy long loaf for dinner.

Choosing the distracting irritant, marketing specialists use achievements of psychophysis, the science studying interrelation of our experiences and the material reasons which generated them. Its main law says that emotions are shown the stronger, than the irritant is more noticeable.

The strongest irritant for the person - color. Various colors and shades cause reaction, generate emotions, and even influence perception of surrounding reality.

For example, it is well-known that, in the room painted in warm colors to us is “warmer“ than where for registration of an interior a cold color is used: subjectively same temperature is estimated with a difference at several degrees.

All scale of the flowers, “correct“ from the point of view of marketing specialists, can be met in department of fruit - vegetables. Mountains of orange oranges, heaps brightly - red pepper, greens of salad and a set of other evident flowers and shades.

Very often this group of goods is placed directly on an entrance to a trading floor, than kill even not two, but several hares. The buyer not only brakes, but in addition receives positive emotions, is adjusted on purchases.

The similar effect is caused by disorders with glossy magazines and disks. Not the fact that, having rushed into shop, the buyer first of all will postpone in a basket next “luster“ with the pyshnogrudy beauty on a cover. From it it is also not required. The main thing - to bring down speed. Detain a step and, without hurrying, attentively look round around, dear buyer! In shop there is a lot of useful, necessary and interesting! Do not pass!

And we obediently are late. The first stage of fight in a trading floor behind a supermarket. However, to a victory still very far, and in a stock at marketing specialists the mass of the effective “weapon for a victory“.