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What to be engaged to the Muscovite in working everyday life in?

Summer - remarkable time for rest. It is a pity, but not everyone manages to get out of Moscow during this period. Nevertheless it is not an occasion to sigh, sadly looking from office window at the street which is filled in with the sun: today in the capital there is a set of ways to have a good time after work, having turned the final of each weekday into a small adventure.

the simplest - to make evening walk on the capital. Moscow - huge and very beautiful city where is what to look at. If foot walks not for you, then it is possible to travel on wheels: by bicycle, the scooter or rollers. Of course, to sweep on park after work - not the same, as during week-end, very few people ride in office a bicycle. But, fortunately, in Moscow there are several points of a bicycle rental or rollers, and they are located just at the places suitable for active recreation. And the cost of hire makes only about 200 rubles an hour.

The same who prefers to the bicycle the car, but refuses flatly to stick out till several hours in traffic jams, the evening campaign in karting - club will be ideally suited for . In the different districts of Moscow openly about ten similar institutions, and the cost of arrivals in them fluctuates from 250 to 600 rubles - depending on conditions.

One more excellent way of pastime - a visit with the company of cafe or bar . Not to drink - instead it is possible to spend perfectly time, playing board games like “Manchkin“ or “Mafia“. Moreover, if to get game in English, then it is an excellent opportunity cheerfully and productively to practise language.

However to have a rest, not obligatory to spend money. In the capital much absolutely is presented of free entertainments . For certain many saw the people dancing salsa on embankments - there are no barriers to join them. Unless constraint and uncertainty in the dancing skills.

Also everyone can get free education . Not the first year in the capital interesting public lectures and open seminars on the most different subjects are regularly held: history, mythology, religion, psychology and many other things. At the same time quite often with lectures outstanding scientists or professionals of the highest level which to meet usually not so easily act.

One more way to entertain itself after work - to go to the museum or showroom . Not everyone from them does not charge a fee only in “Night of the museums“, some weekly organize Open Days as, for example, showroom “On Kashirka“ and others. Also in Moscow not a rarity free concerts of both classical, and modern music.

The listed ways give only the most general idea about capital leisure. Actually it is much more opportunities to entertain itself. The main thing - desire to have a rest and open for itself something new.