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How to choose a car seat?

considerably increased Presently number of privately owned vehicles which often are the main vehicle of both parents, and their children. Everyone prefers a comfortable arrangement in salon (especially if it concerns distant trips) for himself and the child. And parents begin to think of acquisition of a special children`s chair which is individual sitting for the young traveler.

And before finding really qualitative car seat ensuring safety of the kid it is necessary to be defined in the choice from all offered variety of their brands and models. Purchase of a chair is individual, comparable with purchase of diapers. In shop a wide number of various models from the known global manufacturers is presented.

Taking into account age and the weight of children of model of automobile chairs classify Types of car seats by several groups.

The zero group (autocradle) is intended for newborn children about one year weighing up to 10 kg. The cradle is established on a back seat of the car. In it the kid is fixed internal and additional by wide belts.

Zero group plus (carrying) - for children aged from zero till one and a half years weighing up to 13 kg. Carrying with the special handle and seat belts can be fixed both on back, and on forward seats.

The first group will be suitable for the child from 9 months to 4 years weighing 9 - 18 kg. The provision of a back of such car seat can be regulated according to desires and needs of the child. Installation on a back seat of the car on the course and against the movement course is possible.

The second group - for children from three to seven years weighing 15 - 25 kg. The design of a car of a chair fastens on a back seat by means of internal seat belts and allows the kid to adopt the correct provision.

The third group (booster) is intended for children is more senior - from 6 to 10 years weighing 22 - 36 kg. The booster represents a seat without back and serves for strengthening of protection of children which growth and weight is brought closer to adult parameters.

the Design and materials

a car seat Design - anatomic is also developed by

with that calculation that since early years the child had a correct posture. All materials of which automobile chairs are made, do not cause an allergy in the kid and are environmentally friendly. The case of a car seat is manufactured of the metal or plastic capable to sustain rather big loadings at accidents. The upholstery of seats - from cotton, it is not electrified and possesses air permeability. It is in addition possible to get fur or terry covers for trips to the winter period and off-seasons.

the Security system

In order that parents were quiet

for safety of the child during the movement, seat belts are provided in a design of a car seat (2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - fixings, dot with different points); the adjustable handle which is settling down opposite to a seatback; the udaropogloshchayushchy laying in a back providing the maximum protection of a head of the kid and softening blow; in case of a side-winder to guarantee protection of shoulders and the head the lateral security system will be able. Accessories

Buying by

a figurative car seat, you should not forget about existence in a set of necessary accessories, such as an anti-mosquito grid, removable covers (for a gigiyenichnost), sun-protection blinds, arches for toys. With such set of accessories it is possible to leave in the wood and not to worry that the child will not be bitten by insects to it will not bake a head, and he will enjoy game with the favourite toys much.

It is worth remembering that you buy a chair not for one year and even not on five is a safety of the child till 12 years. A right choice of a children`s automobile chair - a guarantee of safety, protection and pleasure from infinite driving derived by children on roads.