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Who architect of your life?

Since the childhood us learn to build the life. And learn on the basis of own experience and own beliefs.

School life needs to be built so. And the family needs to be built so. And career needs to be built here so.

are Then new teachers, with other experience, and call in question those methods of construction of life to which we were taught earlier, and it seems as are right because their methods more effective.

Meanwhile all of us build, we build, we break and again we build. It would seem, usual natural process. Only how many forces and time we spend for all this building and how many time we should begin all over again? And why there comes the moment when there is a wish to send to hell all this building because it does not bring pleasure at all, and dooms us to eternal penal servitude.

What that here not so, does not seem to you? To be born from the cradle to become the slave in a construction colony?

And whether really it is necessary to build my life? Who imposed on me this duty?

U of everyone will be the answer to this question. And the majority will fatefully answer that there is no other way out. And everyone will be in own way right. For those who submissively believe in need to live the life as penal servitude the only truth will be the fact that “life is a penal servitude“. But there will be those isolated cases when in mind someone from you the doubt arises. And at this moment of doubt your “truth“ will begin to change.

So why I have to build? Who such builder?

According to the explanatory dictionary one of word meanings the builder it “the one who builds the new building“.

By and large can build everyone whom taught a number of typical actions as a result of which it is possible to build the new building. It confirms structure of working crew on any building. The majority of these people did not graduate from any universities, did not master any theoretical bases of construction. They are simple “general workers“ who spent the majority of the years on building. From taught three main methods of construction, and handed the schedule of works. That`s all.

The same occurs in our life. Society taught us to three main methods of construction of our life: “That it is good and that it is bad“, “How to have stable work“, “How to establish a family“, “How to pay taxes“. And the same society handed us “the schedule of works“: to work eight hours a day, since majority; to establish a family during from 18 to 25 years; to give birth to the child for “strengthening“ of a family; to pay taxes posthumously since majority.

But with crisis arrival suddenly everything reeled outright. All structure of one million lives created on a uniform template of society appeared under the threat of disorder. Those methods to which we were taught were unreliable. And there was a question: whether correctly we built


Who directed me at construction of my own life? whether my

it was the project which I carried out during all my life?

Who Architect of this project?

And now the answer which responds a deaf heartache comes, - Society.

Why I entrusted design of my life to it unclear why to the Society dominating over my reason?

Unless I cannot create the project of own life?

What is necessary to become the Architect of the life?

Who such Architect?

the Architect is the one who CREATES, creates something new. To become the Architect of the life, it is necessary to learn to create. It seems to someone from you that not everyone is capable to create that the creator needs to be born.

A I nevertheless claim that in each of us there lives a Creator. It is that part me which I called Consciousness.

Consciousness is responsible for creativity. Mind is responsible for construction.

Consciousness it when, being devastated, you allow creativity to spill through yourself.

I already when the consciousness made the mission, you transfer the project created in unity with the Principal Reason to construction to the Mind and the Body.

I only in this case construction will begin to bring pleasure and will become entertaining game as when that in the childhood at construction of sand castles.

In the modern world, most of architects actually those are not. They just recreate new buildings on the basis of the theoretical knowledge and what they ever saw. The real architect creates the creation being a direct conductor Soznaniya. It ipolzut mind only after in it the divine sketch was born. For the real architect his work is the process of creation similar to the child`s birth.

Antoni Gaudi, the great Spanish architect, in my opinion, represents a unique example of the real tvoritel. It did not build the building! He created together with the nature as itself “Guell Park“ was expressed about one of the works. And when it was asked when it plans the termination of its main Sagrada Familia project, he answered: “My customer does not hurry anywhere“. It never had a final sketch of work. This Temple was not under construction, and was created day after day. Each turret, each form, each bend of this creation were born through Antoni Gaudi one behind another. As the child grows in mother`s stomach - one handle increased by millimeter, another, the nose was rounded, eyes appeared …. He did not know what its child will grow. He just enjoyed how the CREATOR gets through it into the real world, being reflected in each stone, and creating something so grandiose that all Divine Plan not in power was to present to nobody.

As I want to learn to create the life as when that this mad architect created the works. To become completely inactive to allow a divine flow of Soznaniya to break through all cells of my body and to be shown in surrounding reality as something unique, something natural and something very desired for this world here and now.

As bothered to build already recreating same!

Time to CREATE came! The world wants that we remembered our ability the Creator that we purified our stagnant blood that washed away from themselves construction dust, forgot about what we were taught by Society to, and started a new role. To a role which is beyond everything that we ever knew and allows to enjoy the existence on this Earth. The world waits for those from us who wants to become the conductor of new Divine projects.