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Haydemari Shvermer. Whether there is life without money?

On light live one million odd fellows. Never you know when and where you will meet one of them.

I know the person who does not wash many years. He explains it with the fact that in the near future clear water reserves will cease to be enough for mankind, and to it honor it and it is not necessary. Hero our time, not differently.

And still someone eats solar energy, drinks rain water, eats cockroaches, collects an ecstasy collection …

A one elderly woman from Germany decided to refuse money. In general.

Already 15 years Haydemari Shvermer does not use pieces of paper and coins, habitual for all, to ensure normal existence.

More than 20 years ago she moved to Dortmund with two children, enduring heavy parting with the husband. The first that shook it in this city, - a large number of homeless people, and the brave woman decided that it is necessary to make though something to help.

She did not begin to arrange large-scale actions of a protest, to write letters to the famous politicians and to gesticulate actively in television stations on records various current - show. Haydemari believed (and still trusts) that the homeless needs not money, they need chance that to change something. And she decided to give them such chance, having opened shop under the name “Give and Take“.

This shop became the platform for open trade. Any comer could exchange the goods for other, without using money. For example, the old clothes easily exchanged on household appliances. And the hostess did not take anything in exchange for a possibility of such trade.

It would seem, come and change in the pleasure! However this idea did not interest the homeless, and the pensioners who found her idea extremely useful became regular customers of Haydemari. Eventually the little shop became city sight, and his hostess strong became thoughtful about life.

She arrived at idea that everything, surrounding it, did not make any sense, and work as the teacher did not bring satisfaction and happiness. And the woman, having thrown everything, went to wash the dishes for 10 brands an hour. Ignoring questions curious about whether taught it to it at university, Haydemari felt perfectly and for the first time derived pleasure from life.

In 1996 Haydemari Shvermer made the important decision - to live without money. Her children grew up and scattered who where, and she decided to live, being engaged in sale of goods and services. Initially it was planned as 12 - monthly experiment, but it dragged on for 15 years. The enterprising German wrote two books about life, free from money, and gave the share from sales on charity.

All its things - one suitcase and a backpack, 200 euros as a last resort (it gives other earned money). It has even no health insurance! Haydemari says that it is necessary on the self-healing force when feels not very well.

Of course, not everyone is ready to so sweeping changes in the life, however this example sets of much thinking. Absolutely without money to live hardly it will turn out, however to learn to pay them less attention and to concentrate on things more important - it is possible.

To derive pleasure from an intelligent lack of money? And why is also not present!