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The guarantee and repair of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

the Guarantee repair the trading organizations non-execution probability arrangement deceptive schemes of performance repair shops of wine misuse deprivation to cancel probability guarantee certificates to make examination execution

Non-execution of guarantee certificates on replacement and repair of the sold low-quality goods gained mass character.

Buyers, acquiring goods have to imagine clearly that, the probability of execution of guarantee certificates is insignificant.

the Competition of the prices on the one hand and the poor quality leading to a mass exit of goods out of operation deprived of an opportunity the trading organizations to fulfill guarantee certificates, without being beyond profit.

Businessmen in respect of implementation of guarantee certificates whatever it will be ruined in large quantities passed to deceptive schemes of its performance.

the Trading organizations enter into a deceptive collision to repair shops.

Repair shops, becoming guarantee thanks to the trading organizations, receive clients.

send the Trading organizations to repair shops of clients in exchange for the false technical expertize in favor of the producer accusing clients of misuse which deprives of them a guarantee.

the Guarantee ceased to work for the buyer, and even opposite relaxing him and giving hope - began to harm.

the Guarantee instead of protection of buyers - began to promote negligent, incompetent, unfair and dishonest sellers.

Guarantee certificates which all the same are not executed to cancel more favourably.

Any excess dishonest system - one more growing tumor on a body of society.

Lack of guarantee certificates would save to consumers time lost on useless trips in hope for free repair.

Lack of guarantee certificates would allow the client to address in a nearby workshop at once, but not to carry goods on long distance, in guarantee wasting time, being humiliated, destroying nervous system and on the best case, to make the same paid repair.

Lack of guarantee certificates would protect consumers from humiliation.

Lack of guarantee certificates would spare nervous system of clients.

Lack of guarantee certificates would reduce army of the mean speculators taking people for a ride.

Lack of guarantee certificates - would strike at corruption.

Lack of guarantee certificates of the weakening clients upon purchase would make them more attentive.

would lead Lack of guarantee certificates to more careful check, survey, test of goods by the client upon purchase.

the Guarantee lulls doubts of the buyer concerning quality, reliability, durability, wear resistance of goods.

the Guarantee keeps the buyer from collection of information about quality of goods, consultations about it with experts.

If a guarantee a lot of low-quality goods would not be bought.

is expedient to oblige trading to organize the enterprises both sale of goods, and reception, delivery, warranty repair, a goods exchange in one complex with the maximum possibility of communication of buyers and injured clients from - for not goodness of goods. the Organization of trade and guarantee maintenance in one place relieves

injured buyers of search of workshops.

the Organization of trade and guarantee maintenance under the same roof speaks well for honesty of implementation of guarantee certificates.


and Purchase of goods the hard work, but shortage of money turns it into pleasure. p buy

From the more expensively - and sell to them cheaper.

and the Low prices of the known goods - push to buy the unknown without pritsenka.

a stub costs in order that something to buy - to sell conscience. and The more the person buys

- the more sells himself. and In old age people shop

less not only from - for nedo -

a statka of means, but also from - for coolings to material.

p significantly depends On what we are buyers ours a mat -

a real state, health and situation in society. p Hardly the person will be able to buy

a good cow if he before - go thoughtlessly bought


and Clever, ruthless people put traps for those who not

are able to spend money reasonably.

p Often is on sale not that it is necessary, important, it is useful, and

what it is easier and more favorable to sell. p it is better for

not to get - than to lose.

and the Poor receives more pleasure from small acquisitions - than the rich man from big. acquired due to expenditure of to consider

of JV Glupo got free of charge.

p you Want to get something - talk to the one who already has it.

and the New thing only pleases the owner - angers the others.

p Acquisition - generates envy.

p the Credit - the child of self-confidence and risk.

Purchases excess, unnecessary

p the Person first of all has to seeks not for acquisition, and to ability does without it. pv do not get

necessary - so far it will not become extremely necessary.

p Many acquisitions - no more than joy for self-love.

p what you get - gets you.

and Nonsense does not understand that it is necessary - and buys that it sees.

pv to have an opportunity to buy necessary - it is necessary to refuse acquisition minor and furthermore unnecessary.

and Turn induces the person to buy goods more.

p Before making a purchase - expediently clearly to present how many efforts were required that on it to earn. p When we something want to get

, you should not forget that it is necessary to watch it.

and The is more cart vital a pozhitok - the it is heavier to drag it.

pchelovek should not have superfluous and even necessary - only necessary.

p Before making purchase, it is necessary to calculate whether there will be enough

money for acquisition more important in the future. p without having

vital, you should not be spent on vtoro -


yu At first people suffer when money is earned, then -

because that incorrectly they are spent.

Purchases - about goods and the prices

and try to pack Low-quality goods more feasibly.

p If is difficulties in the choice of goods, it is enough to define

quality and the price of the seller. The good person will not begin to sell bad goods

. p people to learn to understand easier, than a great number of that,

with what they deal.

p Is not always more expensive - better, but in full ignorance it is better - to take you


and Buyers izuchayushche belong to goods, sellers - to on -

to kupatel.

and Contractual price of goods in many respects depends on behavior and vnesh -

it a type of the buyer.

p The begins to bargain earlier the buyer, the effect is more.

pz The longer the buyer was late at a counter, the it is more ve -

a royatnost of the fact that he wishes to make a purchase and the more expensively for -

is asked for the goods by the seller.

sz the Highest prices in small settlements where the weak competition, and even exists monopoly, and large where from - for sets of shops and big floor spaces the buyer does not reach cheap goods, and these shops are ruined. there is no

p sense to hurry, getting not rare and furthermore series -

of Nov.

Purchases commission

p Buying goods - do not show to the seller excessive interest in it. p Before something to obtain

, it is worth thinking as far as it neob -

hodimo what price it will get what efforts and means to loss -

butsya that to keep it and as it will be heavy to lose it.

pz Before raising money for something very expensive, on -

to at first to buy all possible for the future for this period or though

part it. It will allow to reduce the term of a whip-round and sushchest - venno to save

on inflation.

p Bargain with rich and unscrupulous - do not bargain with poor and kind.

and Trade operation at strongly overstated or cut price from developed - is deception or immorality.

and the Person who does not have commercial experience and an outlet - an unnecessary thing is forced to sell for nothing. p Getting

from people of a thing at cut price - you on them profit.

and the Highly moral person tries to get

things at driven by need at the actual price. pz Having bought

from the person needing money unnecessary it and a thing necessary to not at cut price - the person makes a noble act. It is easier to begin it with relatives. Though is such which on the contrary strive, referring to relationship to force the relative to sell cheaper, already cut price.

p do not bargain - with selling the last.

and Blasphemy to get things for nothing at movable by need and a grief.

z Purchase of an unnecessary thing from - for low price - is unprofitable to all. The seller at the same time loses money, the buyer conscience, society moral principles and stability of the market. pz Selling to

an unnecessary thing the main thing not to reduce the price under the pressure of those to whom it is not necessary, or it is necessary for resale, and to wait for the needing buyer in it.

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