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Where who and when won the first FIFA World Cup?

Soccer - the most popular game around the world. In it play millions, and billions excitedly watch it from stadiums and screens of TVs. A green field, full stands of fans - all this creates special magic. The beginning of a match, football players leave in the field, the arbitrator`s whistle is distributed, and magic begins!

is A little history

Soccer in the form in which we know it now, as we know, arose in England in the middle of the 19th century and gradually gained the distribution on the world. At first domestic teams, then city and national teams of the countries began to appear.

But in spite of the fact that soccer by a fast pace followed on the planet, attracting under the banners more and more admirers worldwide, very long did not exist official international competitions. And only in 1908 amateur soccer was included in the program of the Olympic Games.

the First championship

With growth of popularity began to change also the relation to soccer. And gradually from an amateur sport it became professional. It also served as the reason that in 1928 on the congress of FIFA the decision on the organization of the first World Cup was made.

Several countries fought for the right to hold at itself tournament: Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary and Uruguay. As a result of vote most of all voices Uruguay received . This country also became the mistress of the first in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

Participants of tournament

of Only 13 teams came to Montevideo to fight for a rank of world champions. Seven of them represented South America, two - Northern and Central, and only four - Europe. They were broken into 4 groups which winners left in a semi-final.

In group A played: French national teams, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

In group B: Brazil, Bolivia and Yugoslavia.

In group C: Romania, Uruguay and Peru.

In group D: USA, Belgium and Paraguay.

The first matches

the First matches of tournament took place on July 13, 1930. In them French national teams and Mexico, the USA and Belgium met. The victory was celebrated by French and Americans, having beaten the rivals with the score 4 - 1 and 3 - 0 respectively.

The first goal in the history of the World Cup in the 19th minute of a match was scored by the halfback of French national team Lucian Laurent .


on July 26 there took place the first semi-final between teams of Argentina and the USA. The first half ended with the score 1 - 0 in favor of Argentineans, and in the second they hammered five more balls what Americans answered only with one goal in the 89th minute of a match. After a final whistle the arbitrator recorded an adjusted total of a meeting 6 - 1 in favor of Argentina.

With the same score 6 - 1 also the second semi-final ended on July 27. In it the national teams of Uruguay and Yugoslavia met. And, in spite of the fact that Yugoslavs scored a fast goal in the 4th minute, the national team of Uruguay not only evened the score, but also hammered five more meek balls into gate of the rival and reached the final.

The final

at Sentenario`s stadium in the presence of 93 thousand viewers took place on July 30, 1930 a decisive match of the championship between teams of Argentina and Uruguay. The first half ended unsuccessfully for the home team, Uruguayans lost to Argentineans with the score 1 - 2. In the second half the situation was changed radically: Uruguay hammered three balls and, having won a victory with the score 4 - 2, became the winner of the FIFA World Cup first in the history !

Interesting facts

any country which received the invitation could Participate in the championship. Despite it, many European countries refused participation for the economic reasons.

From - for a small amount of participants the only time for all history of the World Cup did not hold a qualifying tournament.

in a match of group tournament the team received For a victory two points, but not three as now.

the tournament Final, in order to avoid the conflict between players of the national teams, was played by two balls. In the first half - Argentina, and in the second - Uruguayan as “the official ball of tournament“ did not exist yet. It appeared only in 1970.

the Team of Uruguay was handed a cup of Jules Rime, the FIFA president who organized tournament. On it the Ancient Greek goddess of victory - the Nickname was represented. Subsequently the cup was transferred from the winner to the winner. And in 1970 it was forever presented to Brazilian national team as to the country first which won the World Cup three times.

the Match for the third place between teams of the USA and Yugoslavia was not held.

the Top scorer of the championship.

there Passed many years from the moment of holding the first FIFA World Cup. But, despite it, it did not lose the popularity, and only increased it, having become the real holiday which is loved and look forward around the world. And Uruguay forever became history of soccer as the country which not only in 1930 held at itself this tournament for the first time but also won it.