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How “The Beatles“ wrote songs about Eleanor Rigbi and the Yellow Submarine?

on August 5, 1966 on counters of the English shops the next single of the Liverpool four with two new masterpieces of “Eleanor Rigby“ / “Yellow Submarine“ appeared. They confirmed the status of “The Beatles“ again as group which all on a shoulder - both a tragic serious subject, and a cheerful children`s song.

There was time when “Beatles“ long played a trick on McCartney`s “Yesterday“ with its string quartet. However the idea to use atypical tools for arrangement of songs strongly located in their head. And there was no wish to write songs only about love to them any more. “Eleanor Rigby“ - one of my favourite songs of group opening under drama sounds of bows sad exclamation became an excellent sample of these two tendencies: “Look at all lonely people! “, “Lonely people, where your native home?“ (by the way, loss from A. Pugacheva`s song “Sleeplessness“ is suspiciously similar to initial steps of “Eleanor Rigby“).

The unfortunate Eleanor Rigbi who is alone dying in church which is buried by the same lonely priest - the father Mackenzie darning in the evenings the socks - yes, “The Beatles“ grew from short panties of teenage songs. In only two minutes “Beatles“ managed to tell the real concerning and finished story.

And though the song, as well as “Yesterday“ was written down without musicians of “The Beatles“, work on its text happened collectively. The biographer of group Hunter Davies assured that words were created directly in studio, and over the third couplet all “Beatles“ worked. Especially John Lennon insisted on the participation. He claimed: “Eleanor Rigby“ - Paul`s child, and I helped this child to get an education“, and at times even said that I wrote the lion`s share of the text. “Aha, exactly half-lines“ - were parried by the wounded McCartney. Anyway, clearly one - the poetry of “Eleanor Rigbi“ was very much appreciated. Look at

of “Eleanor Rigbi“ (S. Koznova Lane) with

on all lonely people! Look at

on all lonely people!

Eleanor Rigbi collects rice in church,

where the wedding ceremony just ended. *

Lives in dreams,

Waits at a window, hiding it at a scratch of a door,

but for the sake of whom all this?

The father Mackenzie writes the sermon, which nobody ever will hear


All alone. Look at

how it darns the socks in the evenings,

when around not a soul.

What disturbs it?

Eleanor Rigbi died in church. She was buried, and soon to remember

it there was already already nobody.

Even nobody came to a funeral.

the Father Mackenzie, wiping dirt from the hands,

returned from a cemetery -

is passed Nobody by this bowl.

Lonely people, from where all of you appear?

Lonely people, where your native home?


* - Means tradition to shower newly married with rice grains. the Name chose

for the heroine of a song of McCartney long, but also here did not do without strange coincidence.

P. McCartney:

“In shooting “Help!“ Eleanor Bron participated. I liked a name of Eleanor - that time I heard it for the first time. And I saw a surname of Rigbi somehow on a sign of little shop in Bristol when I walked one night. I thought: “Rigbi - an excellent surname!“ It sounded as real, and at the same time was rather exotic. So there was Eleanor Rigbi. I Swear to

, I thought that quite so I also thought up Eleanor Rigbi. But it turned out that on the Vultonsky cemetery where we often were to John, there is a certain Eleanor Rigbi`s grave. In several yards to the right of a grave of the person by the name of Mackenzie.

Either this pure coincidence, or they emerged in my subconsciousness besides my will“.

Amusing coincidence continued to pursue this song. So in January, 1990 when McCartney gave a concert in Birmingham, the person approached it and declared that it also is that “father Mackenzie“. Paul did not become puzzled and right there parried: “And where Mr. Kayt and Billey Shirs? (the imagined heroes of other songs “The Beatles“ - S. K.) mean .

As for a song about the yellow submarine, it so strongly is associated with the animated film of the same name where animation “Beatles“ saved an orchestra of Lonely Hearts of the sergeant Pepper from Blue Ill-natured persons that sometimes you forget that it is written much earlier, and exactly thanks to the song the idea of the animated film, and not vice versa was born.

P. McCartney: “I remember

, one night I lay in a bed and already began to fall asleep, and in this light slumber to me the ridiculous thought of the yellow submarine suddenly came to mind: “All of us live on the yellow submarine...“

is pleasant to me everything, connected with children, - how children think or dream. Therefore ridiculous the idea of this surrealistic, but at the same time and absolutely children`s song did not seem to me at all. And still I thought: Ringo`s time so gets on with children - it is similar to the good-natured uncle - it would be quite good if he sang this children`s, not too serious song. Its vocal opportunities quite it allowed“.
Plus to all McCartney always wanted

that it at the end of a song sang children`s chorus. With children`s chorus something was not taken therefore in studio it was replaced by a speckled group from employees of studio, musicians, their acquaintances and girlfriends - George Martin, Brian Jones from “Rolling Stones“, Harrison`s wife - Patti Boyd, the actress and Mick Jagger`s girlfriend - Marian Faithfull, and other. The summary chorus not only sang, but also created special effects to the song - George shook a barrel with water, John gurgled through a straw, Brian clinked glasses with shot glasses, and employees of studio rattled chains in a bathroom with water.

The song simple as envisioned was successful wonderfully well, and together with an animated cartoon became the anthem of an era of hippie, a symbol of escape from a dullness and a gloom to the “multi-colored“ and happy world. When submarines were associated generally with the Caribbean Crisis and threat of new world war, the yellow submarine of “The Beatles“ radiated pleasure and optimism, like the carnation inserted into a rifle barrel.

“Yellow Submarine“ (S. Koznova Lane)


lived In the city where I was born, one seaman, Who told

to us about the life

in the country of submarines.

So, we rose to the sun

until the sea did not become green,

I lived so under waves

in our yellow submarine.

All my friends with me onboard,

many of them live in the neighboring houses now.

I begins to play an orchestra:


We live in a yellow submarine,

to a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.

We live in a yellow submarine,

to a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.

(John: “Full speed, g - N the captain! “) our Life is quiet and measured


each of us has everything that wants, -

the Blue sky and the green sea

in our yellow submarine.

concerning the text. George claimed that he was composed by Paul and John in parts. And John Lennon declared more than once that the singer Donovan popular at that time also participated in process.

On open spaces of the USSR on motive of “Submarine“ was created many parodies. Here, let us assume, Ukrainian option:

“Having arisen with I in villages ³,

B is pure fermersk_y s_m` ¿,

N_ to a cow, n_ a swine ³, T_lki`s

an image on st_n_.

Mi Plivemo in zhovty chovn ³,

to Zhovty chovn ³,

to Zhovty chovn ³,

our oars shkryabayut on dn ³,

of Shkryabayut on dn ³,

of Shkryabayut on dn_...“

Something like that...

On September 8, 1999, in anticipation of a release of the remastered version of the animated film, on the tunnel driven at the bottom of La - Mansha, the painted yellow color the passenger train “Yellow Submarine“ went.