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How PINK FLOYD built “Wall“? After record

So impressive cloth as “Wall“, certainly demanded the corresponding theatrical and cinema embodiment. Statement fate - operas on a scene was given to Waters hardly. The immemorial aspiration of group to perfection in combination with Roger`s maximalism demanded considerable expenses. Representation included both creation of huge inflatable puppets, and flight of radio-controlled model of the fighter crashing into a scene, and the main thing - constructions of the most real wall over 12 meters high from big easy white bricks.

Expenses could be paid back with interest if PINK FLOYD gave this idea at habitual stadiums. However Waters as the main author of “Wall“, rejected this form of performances, the album also reflected in many respects as performance against “stadium fate“. More pragmatic colleagues tried to express to irreconcilable Waters “Fe!“, but, as “dictator“ told, “at them on it had no the heart“. Therefore - that at the beginning of 1980 - x years was only six representations of “Wall“ (in the USA, England and Germany) from which “pinkfloydovets“ did not receive almost not a stiver.

Fall of 1981 time and film versions came. And again - PINK FLOYD was lucky. The old admirer of group and by then rather famous director - Alan Parker volunteered to shoot the movie. However, his name could not convince any English film company to sponsor release of this exclusively musical movie deprived of a habitual forward plot and binding dialogues. It was necessary to address to Hollywood.

For the Kick role Parker unexpectedly chose not Waters, and even not the professional actor but popular at that time the punk - the singer Bob Geldof. At first Geldof treated this invention with a fair share of sarcasm and even called Waters`s work manifestation of “leftism of the millionaire with bad conscience“. But for the sake of respect for Parker and the considerable fee everything is agreed to politsedeystvovat “old vegetables“ in show. In operating time over the movie Geldof`s opinion on “Wall“ became striking to change. He told that “Wall“ forced it “to glance in such depths of subconsciousness which are usually inaccessible“. And in operating time so got used to a role that noticed that really began to feel in himself “the angry maniac mad about megalomania“. Geldof so with inspiration played a role that during a disorder scene in a hotel room really wounded a hand, breaking rigid blinds, but finished up to the end.

The movie appeared in 1982 and made indelible impression on many audience. To fine music, talented verses and tremendous animation of Skarf at last coherent, convincing and rather adequate video series was given. After Parker`s movie it was already difficult to add something to “Wall“.

Of course, Waters remained is dissatisfied and in a number of the moments it is possible to agree with him. Roger spoke in interview:

“After everything was brought together, I watched the movie entirely. When I looked at all thirteen coils in a row, felt that the tape lacks original dynamism. The movie, seemingly, began to beat you the head the first ten minutes and continued to beat till the end; smooth transitions were not there. But the most serious criticism has to be for my part stated - though I think that Bob Geldof played a role perfectly, and Alan Parker shot a picture as the real master, - to the Kick. At last I understood in what a hitch: I was not interested in this character, I did not empathize him droplets … If to you to spit on the Kick, then also its reasons about the totalitarian nature of creation fate - idols are indifferent for you... or even about the father, the dead at the front … But if I go to cinema, and I am not touched by any character of the movie, then it is the bad movie“.

It is valid, the movie appeared excessively intense and psychologically hysterical. He really an hour and a half thrashes the viewer a sledge hammer on the head. But, nevertheless, I am responsibly ready to declare that A. Parker`s “Wall“ - the most impressive, talented and adequate screen version fate - works from all seen by me.

And that to empathy to the hero … Now, when “Wall“ already worried too pryamoloby antivoyenno - anti-fascist reading, there is clear the main essence of an album. The matter is that it is the EGOIST`S album, the EGOISTICAL album. Each of us is anyway familiar with the Kick Wall - the Wall by which “the little person“ (and all people in the depth of the soul “small“) is protected from pressure from the outside, the Wall which as a result will strangle the person from within.

Consequences of similar construction can be the most unpredictable. Waters associated fascism with institute fate - idols, having brought to the logical end Jim Morrison`s experiments with crowd and David Bowie`s hint that “the fate - a star was the first Hitler“. But it is only one party of a medal.

Admit, you unless never wanted to make what was made by Pink? Never there was a wish to destroy what irritates, to enjoy the power over crowd, trying to crush the complexes? Remember the American movie “I Have Had Enough!“ or Russian “Brother“. Really you did not sympathize with their heroes? The fascism (in the most global sense of this floor) is not taken from anywhere. “Gitlera“ and “Napoleona“ sit in soul of each of us. And not to allow their birth on light, it is necessary to UNDERSTAND “Hitler“, to understand motives and the reasons of its act. It seems to me, and tried to tell about it to us Waters, PINK FLOYD, Skarf, Parker and all who built and destroyed “Wall“. I am afraid, this fate - the opera will become outdated …

Some more interesting facts from the history “The Wall“ not soon:

the best-known song “Walls“. For the first time in the history of PINK FLOYD broke the principle “not to crumble albums on hits“ and published this song on a separate single that was preceded by an album exit. Popularity of a song with the children`s chorus uttering “The teacher leave children alone! “ was so wide that in its Republic of South Africa began to be used as the anthem in fight against apartheid (as a result the South African authorities had even to forbid it). children`s chorus Waters found

near studio - at Izlintonsky school. When the music teacher heard the text, it became gray, but Roger told that in exchange for chorus he will allow a school orchestra to register free of charge in PINK FLOYD studio. After a press made noise that to children for record nothing was paid. Waters immediately gave to school money for the musical equipment, and free of charge handed to each pupil on a copy of “Wall“.

I remember how in the stay by the teacher of biology I asked seniors to deliver on school radio this composition as a congratulation to me by the Teachers` Day. The composition was not found for some reason, and apparently jokes did not understand …

By the way, at the beginning of the above-stated song through helicopter noise hears shout “by You! Yes, you! Stand still laddy!“ (“You! Yes, you! And well stand where you stand!“). To me (and not only me) in the childhood something was constantly heard another - it seemed that someone in broken Russian shouts “Hey! I zdes! There put is!“.

In Parker`s movie the teacher otobirat verses which he wrote at a lesson at the Kick, and floutingly reads them to all class. Admirers of PINK FLOYD with ease learn in these verses the first lines of “Money“ - a hit of group of 1973.

the Second part of a concert of “The Wall“ opened composition of “Hey You“ when all group was already hidden by the Wall. The stunning effect was reached by the fact that the song began unexpectedly, at the end of an interval when in the hall light still burned.

In Parker`s movie the role of the skinheads headed by the Kick was played … by the real skinheads from east districts of London. During a slaughter scene with police they so were fond that they forgot that before them not hated “Pharaohs“, but a disguised film crew! Hardly separated … Besides, the “molotkasty“ emblems developed by Skarf became so popular that they could be found in nazi London “graffiti“.

Waters put the Last representation of “The Wall“ samolichno in 1990 in Berlin, having brought together many fate - and the priest - stars and having dated an event for falling of the Berlin wall. It is interesting that the mid-flight orchestra of the Soviet Army executed composition on this show “Return guys back home!“.