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How PINK FLOYD built “Wall“? Material

As an album “The Wall“ represents a coherent conceptual cloth (which it would be quite possible to call fate - the opera), will be not superfluous to go deep into collisions of its plot.

The album opens the ernichesky proposal of Waters to visit the next stadium show (“In the Flesh?“). The author floutingly asks the imagined listeners: “What do you want to see? … Just to feel an excitement shiver? … Or to look what disappears under masks?“. The grandiose introduction comes to the end with a sound of the diving bomber, the explosion which is carrying away from life of the father of the main character, and after it - crying of the born child is distributed. The way of a new being on “thin ice of life“ began (“The Thin Ice“). The fatherlessness lays the first brick in the Kick Wall. The second brick is put by the brutal education system constructed on humiliation of the personality and deleting of identity.

“We do not need education.

is not necessary to us control over thoughts,

is not necessary gloomy sarcasm in classes.

of the Teacher, leave children alone! to

Hey, the teacher, leave - us at rest!

All as is - it is only one more bricks in a wall.

All as is - you are only one more bricks in a wall“.

(“Another Brick In The Wall, part 2“)

Roger Waters`s Father - Eric Fletcher Waters - really died in 1944 several months prior to the son`s birth. Mother long hid this news until Roger, as well as little Pink in the movie, found a military uniform and the death notification.

Then too careful mother trying to protect in every way the child from realities of life “helps to put up the Wall to control all his friends and girlfriends“.

“More quietly, the child, do not cry.

mother will take care that all your nightmares became a reality.

Mother will install in you all the fears.

Mother will not release you anywhere from - under the covered. It will not allow you to soar

, but can be will allow to sing.

Mother will surround you with a cosiness and warm

Oh, the child, of course, mother will help to construct a wall“.


By the way, “Wall“ quite often forced Waters to come true before journalists, explaining that it is not blank “autobiography“, and in this song he did not mean the mother - the communist, the activist and just good woman.

After the song “Mother“ follows quite burning at the time of “cold war“ and nuclear threat (and, unfortunately, not becoming outdated) the song “Goodbye Blue Sky“ (“Farewell, the blue sky“) which personified anti-war moods and fears.

Then before us there is already adult Pink - Pink fate - a star, going on tour through towns and villages when the wife with might and main changes it … Costs that the zhenofobny tendencies supported with terrible animation of Skarf and Parker`s movie (the woman is represented by an awful carnivorous flower or a scorpion), had quite concrete reasons connected with recent divorce of Waters once it tells many nerves.

In an album Pink, having found out that the tube in his house was lifted by the man, from a grief brings into a hotel room one of “ãðóïïèç“, and there suddenly arranges an exit to the collected emotions, destroying furniture and the equipment (“One of My Turns“). As a result Pink understands that neither sex, nor drugs bring to him nor satisfactions, nor pleasures … “I in general need nothing, and think that something is required to me“, the hero says and puts the last brick. The wall is completed, and it completely is behind it from the world.

Nevertheless the second part of an album opens a call for help (“Hey You“) and a voprosheniye: Whether “There is somebody from that party?“ (“Is There Anybody Out There?“). “Anybody there is no house“ (“Nobody Home“), himself answered by the author and presents in this song a bright generalized character tired fate - stars.

“Is the song about all types of people whom I knew“, Waters said. And it is valid, “the permanent wave from Hendrix“, “boots on elastic bands“ and “13 channels of shit on TV“ are identification marks of the former colleague on PINK FLOYD mad Cyd Barret, “the grand piano supporting my mortal remains“ - a venomous prick towards the colleague keyboard player Ric Wright, and “the blues played by the swelled-up hand“ sends us to Eric Clapton - by then brought by drugs and alcohol to an inhuman state.

All this aimless and self-sufficient madness is interrupted by a shrill prayer of “Bring The Boys Back Home“ (“Return guys back home“) devoted, probably, both to soldiers, and musicians lost in tour waste.

But Pink not in forces to punch the Wall. Isolated from the world, deprived of all desires, it plunges into “Cozy catalepsy“ (“Comfortably Numb“).

“... When I was a child,

I saw the picture which quickly flew before eyes.

Saw an eye edge.

Ya turned to consider better, but was late. now I will definitely not remember

I -

the Child grew.

the Dream was gone.

A I became conveniently numb“.

In such unconsciousness is found the Kick by the concert manager who broke a door. By means of medical preparations of our hero which - as bring into themselves and bring to a concert. In the inflamed consciousness of the Kick a concert from musical action turns into the real fascist meeting where fate - the star feels like such Fuhrer, and the rubble becomes the obedient tool of his will. And at the same time the crowd itself fills it with the “collective unconscious“, demanding to clear Britain of “garbage“. And who will make it better than worms?

“Sitting in the bunker at the Wall,

I expect arrival of Worms.

In full isolation behind the Wall,

I expect arrival of Worms. I Wait for

that will be cut down by the dried trees,

that will be cleared from all city,

are nasty that I will follow Worms,

that I will put on a black shirt,

that I will pull out all weeds,

that I will break their

windows and I will break their doors,

I Anticipate a final sentence,

which will plunge them into confusion,

Anticipate as will assimilate to Worms,

as will call Livni and will kindle

Furnaces waiting for gay persons and swarthy,

Red and Jews,

Anticipate as itself I will assimilate to Worms!

You would like to see

justice in Britain again, my friend? Everything that you have to make -

it to follow


You would like to allow to go home

of color brothers, my friend?

Everything that needs to be made -

it to assimilate to Worms!“

(“Waiting For The Worms“)

In animation on streets of the cities stride the awful crossed hammers - the symbol of the newly appeared skinheads headed by the Kick invented by Skarf - the hammers ready to smash the head to any, followed their ways. Blood … Violence... Destruction …

of FEET!!! - having come round, Pink shouts. The delusion falls down, and the former Fuhrer also quickly turns into the small weak child locked in the Wall of the person interested “to take off a uniform“ and to leave a scene. And here (quite in the spirit of F. Kafka`s “Process“) not less phantasmagoric Court which convicted the hero of “manifestation of human feelings“ begins. His honor the Worm“ presides “Here, and evidences are given by Teacher, the Wife and Mother already famous to us. The sentence is inevitable and cruel: The judge orders to destroy the Wall, to expose the hero`s essence, to bare the Kick before people …

Explosion - and the Wall falls... Pink opens another the same as it was made by Waters in an album. Opens in hope to find understanding similar …