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How PINK FLOYD built “Wall“? Construction of

“At me was such feeling as if Roger glanced to himself in a cranium and invited the whole world to take a look at an engine room of the subconsciousness. It is courageous and very necessary act of the serious artist who looks for communication and a consolation the fact that he shares an essence of the spiritual hopes and desires“. (T. Whyte)

After fate - the Renaissance of the end of 1960 - x naturally there came the era of such “baroque“. 1970 - å - time of the multimillion fees hammered to the full stadiums, tremendous shows and … global commercialization fate - cultures. At this particular time also the significant title - “fate - dinosaurs“, paradoxically combining lines of power with signs of aging and degeneration was born. Young men grew up, the cultural phenomenon became the entertaining industry. The crowd of which Judas from fate - operas “Jesus Christ Superstar“ so was afraid became the main participant of stadium concerts …

I here in 1978 at one of similar concerts “fate - dinosaurs“ PINK FLOYD occurred an eloquent case. Everything, it seems, took its course: on the round screen amusing pictures were projected, in air inflatable pigs soared (a symbol of the last at that time of an album of group - “Animals“), the crowd roared and admired. One of such incessantly shouting and gesticulating admirers something enraged the vocalist of group Roger Waters. That called up “fan“ to himself and in a rush of some fastidious hatred … spat to the admirer in a face. This case dumbfounded Waters not less (and, most likely, more) the most despised, and forced the vocalist of PINK FLOYD to become thoughtful strong over what occurred: why he began to spit on people, and in general behind what emotions these people come to their concerts?

R. Waters: “We constantly played

before crowds of admirers at stadiums and in huge auditoriums. And all the time we were pursued by a question: which of them understands our music, our songs, and drama messages which are contained in it? How many from them come only to give vent to the feelings … The magic failed under the weight of masses. I felt on myself the increasing alienation in the atmosphere of greed and egoism, up to that evening at Olimpik stadium in Montreal when the copper of my disappointments burst. Some mad fanatical teenager broke for a shelter network for human herd before a scene, a cry expressing delight before demigods out of its reach. Finished by its misunderstanding and my own connivance, I spat out the disappointment to it in a face. Later, that night in hotel, I got up before the choice. Or not to notice this accustoming, to accept “cozy catalepsy“ and “bezmagichesky“ existence, or to undertake search of an essence, to go in the little-used way, to go to very painful travel to understand who I am and what it is fit for... Even more often it seemed to us that between group and the audience the wall, especially terrible because invisible grows. I came to a conclusion: to destroy this wall, it is necessary to show, make first of all it tangible“.

In these gloomy thoughts Waters retires to rural areas and gets to work over new … a solo performance. Yes, he then did not think of an album PINK FLOYD. It is necessary to tell, the relations in group left much to be desired by then. Waters`s colleagues dissatisfied with his creative dictatorship in group (“Animals“ already was, in fact, sovereign creation of Roger), ran up on the country houses and also let out solo performances. Expectation of the fast end of PINK FLOYD hung in mid-air.

But there`s no evil without good - the case, by the way, more than prosy, as always, interposed in the matter. The company in which “pinkfloydovets“ invested the most part of the money was ruined, and the capital of children sharply decreased to the cost of their real estate (houses, studio), etc. Solo projects had or modest success (as a solo performance of the guitarist David Gilmour), or at all had nothing (as a solo performance of the keyboard player Ric Wright). Only one could rescue a situation: an exit of a new album under the untwisted “brand“ PINK FLOYD for which many companies were already ready to give advance payment in N - Nov the number of millions.

As it is ridiculous, “dictator“ Waters who did not hurry with solo performances and therefore appeared before was the only member of group creatively wealthy by this time again eyes of group with two are clear (!) new cycles of songs. Cycles because Waters, as promised, hit in creative introspection. Both cycles were extremely autobiographical, but there were no place to disappear, and the group chose one of them, more, so to speak, “universal“. It was called “The Wall“ (“Wall“).

Before a mind`s eye of the listener the whole drama picture of the human person - history invented “fate - stars“ under a name rushes … Pink Floyd! Every moment its biographies (loss of the father, the childhood, school, women, popularity) becomes the separate picture, a separate psychological trauma, separate “brick“ of which around the hero the Wall of alienation, isolation and misunderstanding is under construction, and at the same time - the Wall of internal security, a peculiar passionless mask.

Waters thought of the Wall to represent not only allegorically - was planned to build the real barrier between group and the audience which is gradually hiding them from each other on a scene. At first Waters in general planned to finish an album with “farewell to the mad world“ (song “Good bye Cruel World“) and to leave the Wall on a scene indestructible. But then Roger was convinced that listeners and the audience will not apprehend so oppressive ending. “Yes, it TOO abruptly … would be too similar on “Yes all of you went on …!“, Waters laughed and agreed that the Wall has to be destroyed.

As the author of idea of destruction of the Wall Bob Ezrin - one of the main participants of work on an album acted. It was not only the protege of the new wife of Waters of Caroline Cristi, not only the co-producer of an album and the buffer between vanity of Roger and other members of group, but also the coauthor. Ezrin was directly involved in creation of a scene of Court (“The Trial“) and stylized this song under the operetta.

To the aid of the project also the old acquaintance of group - the animator Gerald Skarf who participated in creation of the clip to the song PINK FLOYD “Welcome To The Machine“ (1975) in due time was connected. Dreadful, impressive, phantasmagoric animation of Skarf was conformable to the last moods of Waters, and does not cease to admire even later quarter of the century.

In spite of the fact that “Wall“ left under the name of PINK FLOYD, all members of group (except Waters) only David Gilmour was directly involved in an album. However, as the author of music he acted only in two songs (but what!) - “Comfortably Numb“ and “Run Like Hell“. Besides his merit as “the arranger and a konsultat“ also Waters never denied.

And here at the end of 1979 “Wall“ at last was “completed“, “destroyed“ and given in the form of a double album on court of listeners. This quintessence of despair and introspection became the last bright achievement of PINK FLOYD group.