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Whether you know that.? The curious facts about animals of

of People, self-proclaimed itself the tsar of the nature, added to it that “the nature - not the temple, but a workshop …“ and willfully began to handle world around, often without thinking of consequences (it is counted that from the planet 99% of animals disappeared) and of unique qualities of its inhabitants. What they?

Wild animals

Elephants. They possess unique quality of ability to stand on the head, have 4 knees, but are only in fauna, not able to jump. Slightly distracting from a subject, I will give one more curious fact: for the life the person on average eats quantity of food, equivalent to the weight of 6 elephants.

Hippopotamuses and crocodiles. Hippopotamuses were very much not loved by ancient Egyptians, considering as the main wreckers of fields. And now they tread many landings. Remarkable property of hippopotamuses is ability to widely open a mouth: on 1 m and 20 cm. And crocodiles, being going to dive more deeply … swallow of stones.

Giraffes. These are surprising animals. Spots on their body are also unique, as well as fingerprints of the person. Cubs are born with horns, and the first that is done, being born - fall from polutoramerovy height, leaving a maternal belly. Giraffes in principle are silent animals (despite long tongues - to 45 cm), but kids are expressed by low and bleating, and males growl on duels, fighting necks, and occasionally snore, groan and even sing, making sounds, similar to a flute.

Life in community of giraffes is extremely democratic. In - the first, in it there is no hierarchy. In - the second, it is opened for acceptance of new members “from outside“. At last, males and females, eating, eat leaves from different parts of a tree that there were no conflicts. Remarkable peacefulness.

Besides, they are not sleepyheads: at one time no more than 10 minutes sleep. And being awake, are capable to stroll, going at each step into 4 meters and to run with a speed of 50 km/h. And here that still interestingly: at the first meeting with giraffes Europeans called them verblyudoparda, believing that before them a hybrid of a camel and leopard.

Birds. The fact that humming-birds are not able to go - rather known fact, but here that the lapwing solves problems with health and hygiene, giving an enema to itself very few people know. He uses for this purpose the long beak, gathering in it water, and then injects it into back pass. Penguins, not flying sea birds, possess property to do without fresh water because have almonds - filters which separate salt from water.

Inhabitants of the seas


It is considered b that the loudest sound, published by an animal, shout of a humpback whale is, - it is heard at distance of 500 miles. Surprisingly! But whales have also other qualities: for example, they are capable to hold the breath for a period of up to 2 - x hours. Heart of a whale fights slowly - only 9 beats per minute. And still it has language very characteristic - weighing up to 4 tons.

Other inhabitants of the sea. the Huge squid, reaching in length of body of 18 meters, has eyes of the size of a soccerball. At a spiny lobster there are a lot of chromosomes: 200 against human 46 - ti. The sea star is capable to turn a stomach inside out, and such look as Lunckia columbiae can restore the body from a piece of 1 cm in size, - here what hardy. The lobster has blue blood, and fish sargan - green bones. The South American electric eel generates tension to 1200 volts, developing the current 1,2 A, - could be enough for ignition of 6 hundred-watt bulbs.

Insects and their acquaintances

Insects outnumber all other animals together. About 250 million are the share of each person on their Earth. The majority of them herbivorous - 80%, than predators several times are less - 15%, and another 5% are made by bloodsuckers, trupoyeda and kaloyeda. At first sight proportions favorable, but as a result of such deal in a year 25 - 30% of a world harvest are eaten.

To scorpions on forces to starve without food the whole year. Tells about their survivability also such fact: they maintain stay in the refrigerator 3 weeks in a row. The tape-worm in the absence of food eats up to 95% of the body, and then restores it. But spiders are very gluttonous: annually they eat so many insects that it exceeds the weight of all people, hardy on Earth. “The black widow“, as we know, and the grooms does not spare: can eat up to 20 pieces a day.

Very much muskulist - muscles they have more caterpillar, than at the person. Flea of a pryguch: can overcome 33 cm for one jump, it is equivalent to if the person jumped on 213 meters. The snail is toothy: it has in a mouth about 25 000 ostrenky tools of a grinding of food.

The moth does without stomach. Ants do not need a dream and have the biggest brain in relation to the body sizes. And at grasshoppers white blood.

Bees are very sensitive to smells and distinguish them one thousand times better than the person. For example, they learn flower aroma at distance more of kilometer. They are, of course, big toilers: to make 1 kg of honey, it is necessary to fly about 2 million flowers. But there is also a sad statistics - annually from their stings 3 times more people, than die of stings of rattlesnakes. Perhaps because these snakes are found not everywhere.


was already in detail told

About cats therefore we will begin with dogs. Their sense of smell, as well as at bees, in one thousand times surpasses human. Now about chickens: their number is equated to the population of people on the planet. Here only with flying ability at these birdies the situation is not in the best way: the longest flight from recorded made 13 seconds.

The cow “became famous“ for what daily develops gases in two hundred times more, than the person (it is interesting how it was counted). The pig very is also very voluptuous, her orgasm lasts about 30 minutes.

* * * Well, here, grant

, and all this time. The fauna is still relatively diverse, but it, certainly, needs protection.