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Ice. In what danger?

the Beginning of winter - time of winter vacation, time when it is possible to roll about in snow and to drive from a hill. But all this saddens the ice appearing on streets. It appears because at sharp warming the earth and objects still keeps negative temperature (cutting from Wikipedia). It very strongly complicates movement of people and transport. A problem in general essential it would also be desirable to tell one story which shows all danger of this natural phenomenon.

A certain married couple wanted to go to the cinema on an evening session. Seemingly normal day of normal life. But their idyll was interrupted by falling of the woman with the subsequent fracture of the leg. The change was terrible: literally shattered a leg bone in an ankle joint. And nothing seemed portends trouble. Here to you also went to the cinema. Many people get into a similar situation. They fall, wring hands, legs, in rare instances a neck and a backbone. However all standards of precaution for prevention of injuries among people are already entered. It is work of guest workers who clean sidewalks from ice; it is the sand and any chemicals reducing sliding.

Also the situation on roads saddens. Everything would be much better if unexperienced, but extremely self-confident drivers in themselves did not come out to city streets. From - for them there is a most part of road accident. Often many drivers just forget that length of a brake way at ice makes from 5 to 20 meters (depending on speed). For drivers it is possible to give several practical advice which will help to reduce the number of incidents:

- do not brake sharply, do not squeeze out coupling

- use faltering braking

- do not throw sharply the accelerator pedal for braking by the

engine - before turn reduce speed, after turn do not increase speed

- needlessly do not twist a wheel

- during the overtaking, an advancing, a detour of other transport hold more lateral interval

- stick at a safe distance from ahead to the going car

Also I want to present various cuttings from forums:

1) Well streets at us clean biliously “Matviyenko`s thanks for our happy life...“ and if in the yard at us janitors more or less watch snow and ice that in the city a tin, in the winter on foot I try not to go anywhere - I go by a car. For now there was no car - went on foot and there were cases when fell on ice but to me life does not allow to stay at home and to do nothing. The day before yesterday was in Helsinki, there too places ice on roads BUT there everywhere is strewed with a granite crumb and on ice you go as on asphalt - the crumb holds perfectly. Buy a car whenever possible and movement on the city will become simpler;

2) - Children, tell how you transfer ice?

- generally I stay at home - there is no desire to carry plaster, just am afraid to lose what reached.

especially hard I transfer mountains of unpeeled snow.

I try without excess need of the house not to creep out

3) Ice - it is awful, it is terrible, especially for us as stability and coordination bad, and are expensive in Moscow mostly just horror. But I cannot but personally go outside as I work, and the administration, unfortunately, does not do any discounts for weather conditions. Mother washing with

all the time for me shivers and indignant that it at me for the administration: gathered for work of disabled people to pay them copper pennies, and the fact that for the person with disabilities an exit from the house in ice can end is very deplorable - do not understand. Only at work there are no sympathizers. You begin to ache, type ice and to go not especially close, a pier allow to overstay day another - at once a view of a boa of a rabbit and a stock phrase: “you cannot work, leave! Cloth path“.

And in the conclusion I want to tell the main thing - Be careful on the road! Take care!