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Tragedy of “Bulgaria“. Who is guilty?

C on all channels are discussed on July 10, 2011 the tragedy of “Bulgaria“ with involvement of experts; I will dare to introduce some ideas of the tragedy too as the ship mechanic. Two navigation at the beginning of this millennium I departed just by the same passenger double-deck motor ship, the brother of “Bulgaria“.

Built these motor ships in Germany and Czechoslovakia by request of the USSR in 50 - e years, a class “P“ (river); my motor ship “Mister Veliky Novgorod“ 51 - go years of release, that is is even more senior a little. We went generally across Neva, the Ladoga and Onega lakes, but there were freights and to Volga, to Kazan. The ship is rather reliable, but the term of 50 years - is a lot of for any car.

For example, the boilers used to heating of cabins and heating of water on this project morally became outdated about 40 years ago, automatic equipment of the class “is not present and was not“, manual control. Slightly stood gaping - will jerk; quite so my motor ship (then it still was called “Yury Gagarin“) in the middle of 90 died - x; then it few years lay with a hole in the right board at the mooring of Petersburg passenger port until redeemed it, the new owner restored and renamed. Except restoration, the motor ship was converted into a class “M“ (vessels of a class M are calculated for swimming at big depths, in the presence of waves up to 3 m high and 40 m long, conditions - brought closer to sea). But - keep to the point.

The fact that one of running engines did not work for “Bulgaria“ could not lead to flooding in any way. Yes, operation is in that case forbidden, but two engines are necessary first of all for the best maneuverability on the river, and it was possible to reach port, though with a smaller speed. Open windows - it is much more serious; motor ship draft at a full load 2,3 - 2,5 meters, from a waterline to the main deck of all about a meter, and to windows of centimeters 35 - 40. The mooring bar just also goes along the main deck, on a photo it is well visible that windows are under it.

But: by rules of the Register, operation of this project - I remind, it is a class “P“! - it is resolved only on the rivers at nervousness to 3 points; at the planned operation on lakes and reservoirs where nervousness happens above, re-equipment and re-examination under a class “O“, i.e. the lake is necessary; and the region of the Kuibyshev reservoir is a class “O“. That is, windows below tranets (a mooring bar) have to be the deafs which are not opening. Why they were open?

The first - negligence and nonprofessionalism of the owner of the vessel ; replacement of windows not the most expensive investment. It is clear, that crew, i.e. hired workers, have no opportunity in Russia to struggle with the fool - the owner - in a trice from work you will take off! I from jobless seamen, know a situation firsthand. Graduates a morekhodok and river schools in the former sea power for years cannot put out to sea or settle on river t / x, either change a profession - or agree to any trough.

The second: the tragedy happened, according to escaped, during a lunch ; a banal situation - people left windows open and went to restaurant; the crew, perhaps, also warned about need to batten down lyumik, but we have a total indifference - you never know who what told, hot, summer!

The third: storm warning , wind rushes to 18 m/s, and is 7 points on 12 - a mark scale of Beaufort. For the faulty vessel an exit one: to wait at the mooring, and here already the fault lays down, it seems, on the captain. He could refuse an exit from port? On world situation, the crew personnel, and also an aircrew, railroad workers and drivers have no right to strike during flight; at first descend from the vessel (the plane, a locomotive, the car) - then show off. For now you show off, on your place of others will put. And the captain Alexander Ostrovsky who was so drowned together with a family “is rinsed“ by bilious journalists of yellow mass media, by ancient humane Russian tradition - the dead to shame d not inut, on them and to blame...

The fourth: list . One of experts in Malakhov`s program declared that the vessel is designed for 250 people and 40 tons of additional freight - lies, totally ludicrous! 40 tons are an account freight, i.e. Fuels and lubricants and products for crew and passengers; 250 people, including crew - are possible, but at operation as the ferry on the small Volkhov rivers, the Western Dvina, Oka, the Moskva River, etc.; in reality, according to planning, loading of the motor ship makes 156 people, including crew. And if at regular loading the list (the phenomenon quite usual for any vessel, by the way) improves pumping of fuel from one tank in another, then at an overload almost twice no transfers will help - the center of gravity was displaced up.

Hundred excess people are the excess ten tons running from a board aboard; where they accommodated in the absence of cabins? Correctly, on decks: main, top and boat; the crowd passed to other board, swing in other party. By the way, lack of waterproof partitions - too lies: on this project the engine room (ER) is in the middle and is separated from fodder and nasal parts of the vessel by deaf partitions, i.e. two it is already available! Plus “deaf“ tiller office and a provizionka - grocery hold in a stern: two more; plus forpik, i.e. a deaf nasal compartment - already counted at least five, standard...

Well, and the fifth, final . Preparation of crew personnel always was very serious, and I do not even doubt professionalism of crew of “Bulgaria“. But the salary for this work goes on the grid approved by the ministry of a rechflot in immemorial year; in 2002 - m during navigation (i.e. from May to September) I had 5 - 6 thousand rubles a month, ashore - and two did not leave. There were in crew personnel those who have no place to disappear, and shipowners unscrew hands remained on full. Deputies already give shrillly a vote that the crew supposedly is guilty from - for money of “hares“ put aboard, people and the vessel ruined, it is necessary to put the clamps, to toughen punishments...

It is unlikely the captain without owner took excess passengers, it is the owner`s prerogative first of all. The owner of the motor ship sold places, squeezing out the maximum profit, not investing money in repairs and re-equipment. It is simpler: greased the palm of the inspector of the Register, that`s all annual survey. So the owner and the one who gave a piece of paper to him is guilty. Though “switchman“ will declare... guess whom? The owner will pay off, and the officials who allowed operation, too. Guilty persons will expose “grandfather“ (the senior mechanic) for the faulty engine and the captain for an exit at storm warning...

And what with the motor ships which were outdate, remained in operation? The ships - pensioners, as well as pensioners - people, are not able to survive in Russia on the state tips. Remains - or at once in a coffin, or to work to a grave. The choice is small.

Here both flight came to an end, and the order on write-off is signed.

As if an old jade, tows take by the bridle

my ragged, crumpled and beaten the gray-haired storm

the rusty case. Youths,

wander about decks that did not take neither squalls of love, nor doubt,

neither alarms storm, nor the drooped sail during a calm …

All at them ahead yet: staksel will hoot in tension,

will beat out shtevn from the sea salty dust;

will be new distances and miles, both reeves, and banks, whirl and in a mysterious haze the earth will be


and greenhorns will pick up a couplet that old men did not manage to finish singing;

will also put the new ship on a building berth. Well, and I am

I am not broken still though the order on write-off is signed,

also rotates screws piston continuous Caen - Caen …

Ya I will leave. But I ask: passing along cemeterial harbor -

lift, sailors, for health of fleet a glass!