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Martial arts as fitness. How to choose school?

Probably, many remember how at the beginning of 90 - x our compatriots again (and many for the first time) opened for themselves the most fascinating world of east martial arts. No, single combats practiced in the Soviet Union and at the time of “a ban on karate“ - but that there were especially pragmatic sports views. With removal of a ban to us the diverse martial arts which at once found adherents rushed. And probably, the main motive of occupations was to learn to protect itself. At that time it was justified: times stood vague, and ability to protect themselves was not superfluous. Besides it corresponded to initial mission of martial arts: to effectively put damages similar.

But time goes, and the present resident of the megalopolis usually should not fight in a gate with the robbers armed with knives and cudgels. In the war also other weapon, than swords and a spear is used absolutely. In fact, martial arts how exactly fighting in the modern megalopolis are demanded mainly by crime (and that its small part) and the staff of law enforcement agencies. Nevertheless martial arts are still popular. And not without reason: it is the fine, checked by time way to develop physically (speaking the modern language, fitness). Moreover and a number of psychological qualities allowing to bring up, develop.

For someone else martial arts - a way to be acquainted with culture of other people. And it is normal evolution of martial arts in the modern world. Just any engaged has to itself answer accurately a question of the purpose of the occupations to go towards this aim in the direct way and not to create excessive illusions.

As for martial arts as fitness (I use this term in a broad sense, as designation “not of applied“ martial arts), they are capable to give full, versatile physical training. Certainly, at serious approach to business. As for passing acquisition of skills of self-defense, it as will carry. If this task is not set specially, then their acquisition depends on two factors: a mood engaged and the trainer on receiving this result and a concrete type of martial art. As for the second factor, at least trainings have to assume this or that form of contact sparrings.

However, the speech now about another.

As a rule, trainings, irrespective of a look, include warm-up, the general and special physical training, working off of equipment and (not always) sparringovy exercises.

Sometimes “warm-up“ call all first part of training - conditionally speaking, training at the same time is divided into “warm-up“ and “equipment“. Though it is more correct to consider as warm-up the razogrevochny part taking no more than 10% of time of training. Further usually there is a physical training aimed at the development of force, endurance, flexibility... Level of loading varies very strongly, in a number of schools in general successfully neglect physical training. So I recommend to take an interest at the choice of school in value of physical training in the chosen type of BI and concrete section.

For example, fight (among east BI there is it most often dzyu - to dzyuets) assumes serious physical training - as well as other contact types (taekvondo, a number of the directions of karate). The most serious power preparation and in such traditional (old) direction of karate, as godzyu - ryu.

I will remind that the speech here - about fitness - trainings for adults whom sports career does not interest. It is quite natural that approach to trainings at the schools focused on training of athletes, absolutely other.

Generally, it is possible to be guided by what place in trainings is taken by sparrings, in particular contact. As a rule, their existence in significant volume will mean also serious physical fish soup with the corresponding loadings. If is not present - here the question with loadings to you will be cleared only by the trainer of concrete section.

Beginners often ask questions whether it is possible to be engaged in it in the presence of these or those problems with health. Of course, such question needs to be asked first of all to the doctor. But! The doctor takes a narrow, and to him more simply (yes formally and more correctly) it is simple not to resolve. But as it is known, if there is a strong wish - that is possible. In any case, the mass of people (and I including) are engaged in the presence of contraindications. Be just ready that it is necessary to take care of the health independently. By the way, in sections it is accepted to demand the medical certificate - so if contraindications and really serious, you should agree either with the doctor, or with the trainer. Or to look for section where references will not demand - but such less.

We will assume, you were allowed to occupations. Now main principle: in total on mind. That is surely you inform the trainer on problems with health. If it is necessary, you inform also partners: for example, if from - for a poor eyesight you cannot be hit blows in the head or problems with a back do not allow to fall. Also choose at trainings of adequate partners. As a last resort, if you are refused flatly to be accepted in section, try to agree with the trainer about individual occupations. Also be anyway ready that you will not be able to do part of exercises. In principle, most of trainers concern to similar normally. They work not with professionals at all, and the people having problems with health in sections not a rarity.

An important point - the choice of club and the instructor. I will tell that criteria of the choice, of course, exist - but quite approximate. If in the western sports systems there are standard techniques to which approximately all trainers - in east all on the contrary follow. In the sports directions with uniformity of a technique the situation is better, in “traditional“ - as will carry. And neither belts and ranks, nor titles, nor the list of victories of the instructor here mean nothing. He can be the great fighter and at the same time not be able to learn at all. And vice versa: the excellent methodologist can not have degrees at all and to fight very indifferently.

Ability of the trainer serves competent and intelligible to explain with quite good criterion to the technician. At trial training pay attention to how he tells, corrects whether you personally understand explanations. If at the hall there are senior pupils, look narrowly: what did they learn? How move? Pupils - an indicator of skill of the trainer as methodologist, but not as fighter.

Now times of “wild“ sections remained in the past and the vast majority of instructors belong to any federations. If the formal growth (categories, belts, also participation in competitions is possible) is important for you, pay attention to it. Specify in what federation your instructor consists and if it is necessary, look for information on her in the Network. Consider that both the big international organization, and absolutely small can be called federation. The large organizations, as a rule, have serious international relations; hold seminars with visitors masters; respectively, also the certification passed at them has bigger weight. At the same time at all not the fact that in “pocket“ federation the level of training is lower or they do not invite to seminars of “carriers“ of school from the homeland of the practiced martial art. Anyway, you look at gravity of teaching. Offhand, it is better if trainer`s activity is the main teaching profession, but not means of additional earnings.

There is one more category of instructors: so-called. “homemade“ trainers, as they are often called. As a rule, it is the people teaching often out of clubs and federations own vision of any martial art. What to tell about such? As a rule, the people knowing warn against such schools. Because to what the instructor what and as he teaches to - a big question studied. Quality of teaching at such schools happens very doubtful.

But! Real masters, sincere enthusiasts and excellent the instructor occur among such instructors. Everything is very simple: as a rule, similar masters found some “counter“, created system “under themselves“ and in details know this ““ system. If it happened so that their individual method suits you or the instructor is able to find approach to the pupil - it is possible to consider that you were lucky. To me such masters not once or twice met, and impressions of work with them remained the best.

But there are both frank charlatans, and just the people who are badly prepared. So I will repeat: if you watch how the trainer conducts occupation, then you look at the senior pupils (without having forgotten to take an interest in an experience of occupations and the previous experience in martial arts). Generally, as well as in any other case: on mind.