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Soap soap (And once again about love)

Communication is an art to be a witness.

Peter Ustinov

In one fine morning the venerable hidalgo Juan Carlos Gamadrilla missed on a terrace of the private house in the suburb of Cordoba. In air flies languidly buzzed. Coffee in a glass spilled on the yesterday`s newspaper which Gamadrilla “made happy“ with the next “genital note“. For many years Juan Carlos lived with full confidence that could surpass in the genitalnost level of its article unless Federico Garcia Lorca`s sonnets and that not always. Therefore it was also not sprayed on “incorrect“ and each new “masterpiece“ sewed up in a mattress of the great-grandmother where its infinite treasures on “black“ were stored. Namely: not finished smoking stubs, the drunk not enough rum bottles, a pack of cat`s ship`s biscuits, the diary with “perfectly“ on Spanish (to a comment of the author: Gamadrilla since the childhood “differed“ in rare, sophisticated mentality. Already at school it acquired one simple truth: those children who well study at school reach nothing in life. The basic principle of the Spanish spelling also consisted in that). The provocative pornographic pictures printed secretly in edition were “pearl“ of a collection.

From morning fog, easy and fast, a cat was come up by senhorita Conchita Savonarola. It came back from a morning mass which was shirked by lazy Gamadrilla. There she absent-mindedly listened to the padre Antonio, thinking of the scheduled meeting with the beloved and of what impression it will make on it the pathos look. Chas Gamadrilyi


- E - hey, Conchita, go here!

- Itself go, I will not go anywhere!

of Altercation proceeded. Marasmus grew stronger meanwhile. “Can be simpler than nothing, than just lift the lazy back from a wicker chair, not flatter itself and closer approach“, Conchita thought. And she did not know that her darling had some circumstances which were not allowing to move to a new level of the relations, namely: the tube of especially strong Polynesian glue spilled by the jealous competitor, and therefore forever eternal chained the noble senor to a seat. And here senhorita Conchita suddenly remembered that at her - tortilla on a plate burns slightly. Using all the charms, and also art of the argument and belief it brought the thoughts to the caballero Juan to damp a little his ardor. The effect was reached: not finished smoking cigar dropped out of the hidalgo`s mouth, suntan descended from his face, and now it was white as the frozen lard. Conchita was effectively wrapped in a lilac shawl and disappeared round the corner, having left that gloomy to finish drinking the cooled-down coffee.

Morals of this fable is as follows: southerners - the people temperamental and lazy, to them approach is necessary special. Watch

in the following series!