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10 precepts of the “white“ PR manager

(The Short guide to correction of the mistakes acquired in the course of training. It is useful as a hobby and bodies. Tolerably for graduates: journalism faculty, piarfak, filfak and so forth slag)

1. Do not advertize in the evil.

2. It is impossible to make anybody happy violently.

3. Never speak badly about people whom you do not know.

4. Do not promise.

5. Be initiative.

6. Be competent.

7. Be cool.

8. Be mistaken.

9. Take nothing on trust.

10. Be responsible for yourself.

1 - y point: Evil comes from evil. Any action generates counteraction. Reformation generated Counter-Reformation, a konkist to a rekonkist, revolution counterrevolution and so was always. Even the mild person can be infuriated and even the quiet horse will rear if too long to pull reins. Easily put the person on a horse? And you try to beat out it from a saddle now!

* On. . it is scarlet and was washed away … You gloat over and think that to you for it nothing will be? Read further!

On each wise man will be two rascals. Borders are to everything, except human dullness, of course. How many to a string not to curl, and the end one. All secret becomes obvious, sooner or later. The good overcomes the evil. Very angrily. About - about

* Therefore we use a method by contradiction: get out, opposite! Your conscience is true because you did not use it.

2 - oh point: you Revel in

in consciousness of own excellence, you consider that wait for you with open embraces, bread at any time - salt and a carpet path?

Then to you here, dear friend! Approach closer, do not flatter yourself! Remember: in this world except you, darling, eight billion people who have no concept about your transcendental essence. And before to offer someone, that is firm, the natural person and so forth. the services, provide recommendations from the last place of work. Also it is also desirable to sew to “file“ a spravochka from the psychotherapist.

(And this small, obviously, the loony if he thinks that we will make for it this room!)

I if doors are closed, so there do not wait for you. The serial maniac from the United States was guided by this principle. It came only into those houses where doors were not locked. Logic iron. we Will flog / will push

/ vpiary / we will tire out! Here to the place to remember dear Nikita Sergeich`s appeal: “To catch up and overtake America on production of meat and dairy production!“ to

Before selling something unnecessary, at first it is necessary to buy something unnecessary and to flog extremely expensively?

* Agrees? Do not smoke it more oo

Remember: only the worthless person sells unnecessary things. And if you decided to sell something, then carefully work strategy (studying of the market, identification of potential clients / competitors etc.) Having thoroughly studied supply and demand, having learned properties of a product, it is possible safely to begin to advertize goods, to reason and convince taking into account needs of the client.

3 - y point: Rhetoric - school of malignant gossip. The word - the dangerous weapon, the word it is possible to wound, and it is possible and to kill. For some reason it is always easier for muck to speak, than compliments.

* Agrees? Do not read further, you are clinically sick!

was Taught to be told beautifully, it is a lot of also about anything? Never promise today what you will not execute tomorrow. Otherwise tomorrow you will lose everything, including yourself.

Easily gained trust? “Wisdom is small - to deceive trustful“. Having gained trust, seek to justify it. Having made an appointment, seek to come etc.

Caught “incontience“ of words? Carry all the with yourself, but you cannot - carry pampers =).

the Word is contrary to thought, not always write that you think? Think before writing.

4 - y point: Never never speak! Never you know

where you will find where you will lose. And it is quite natural that to you, the young friend there is a wish to lose less, and to receive more. The person - a creation wreath. * “I want to eat

, I want to drink, I want a roof over the head … I want!!!!!“

the Animal wants, and the person needs because it not instincts, but reason and feelings direct. For this reason, you should not forget about in what calling of homo sapiens. Presently the person is content with all benefits of a civilization and it is not necessary for him as in primitive time to pull out pieces of meat from the tribesman`s teeth. So why some individuals in the old manner continue to heat each other? It is possible to make one hundred good deeds, and nobody will notice it, but you should kill somebody …

* Trample down flowers, trample down people! Trample down - trample down, more actively. You are the king of the world, the guy x) then be not surprised to

A that you one, around you all rascals and swindlers, both it is boring, and sadly and there is nobody paw to give … And still it is possible to run, ouch how to run. To receive on most do not indulge. Learn to understand people, otherwise they will begin to deal with you. The person knows the price to everything, but is not able to appreciate anything. The finest things in life get free of charge. It is necessary just to be the Person.

5 - y point:

Negative experience is experience too. Having burned on milk, on water blow. Only a trial and error method it is possible to reach something. As they say, skill comes with practice. There is no harm in trying. Tests do us stronger, temper will. (Certainly, all reasonably).

* to Come into doors with the plate “All went on...“ it is not recommended. by

Before giving advice, be convinced that need it. Otherwise you will assimilate to the blind person conducting other blind person. Choose only reliable partners, otherwise you risk to drown in a bog. Do not try to correct anybody because you will deteriorate. Do not chase those who perfectly do also without you.

you Want to live - be able to spin. Look for the better life if there are forces. If is not present - be content with a pasture.

6 - oh point: Illiterate (English) - 1) general zn.: illiterate, uneducated, writing with mistakes; 2) illegible.

* Graduated from school with the English bias, without problems entered to the university, but continue to write with mistakes? You sleep with anyone, you mix alcoholic drinks, you invite home strangers, you get acquainted on the street, for hours you hang in social nets, you speak, the battery of the mobile phone will not sit down yet, guzzle noodles from a bag, and then hang up it on ears to casual interlocutors? As in time you got to me!

Is available all signs of illiteracy. Either be engaged in self-education, or be killed ap a wall! The third is not given.

7 - oh point: You lie, you will not take!

As they say, every family has its black sheep, even if you live one. In any collective there is always “dark horse“, or it you.

* If yes, that see the item 6

Be vigilant! Do not give in on provocation, ruthlessly tear off conversation “about anything“, and that you will inevitably face a barrier of words. Steer clear of rhymers, graphomaniacs, kryuchkotvorets, aliens, ktulkhyak, yaoyshchik, unrecognized geniuses, paranoids and schizophrenics.

“Be afraid of dayanets, gifts of bringing!“ Be never bought on “freebie“ and do not act on “perhaps“. There`s no such thing as a free lunch. If you intend to receive something, be sure that it is necessary to give something. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Ability to accept gift is art too. Penny-wise and pound-foolish.

8 - oh point: * Everything will somehow be presented to

by itself. I will wait - I one or two weeks … for

Like hell! Without effort you will not extend also a small fish from a pond. On one good luck and abilities far you will not leave. Laziness - your worst enemy. Do not take it with yourself in the road, otherwise you risk to remain behind. She in a root strangled the best undertakings and ruined not one outstanding career. Do not indulge in vain hopes, it is changeable. Take the initiative, be not afraid to risk! Who does not risk, that does not drink Borjomi. If you are dissatisfied with the situation of things, it is necessary to change something. Be not afraid to curtail from a knurled path, to change a course and to try new business. You can - you just do not want.

9 - y point:

Friends, as they say, are learned both in trouble, and in pleasure. The friend is the one who can tell hundred times that he shit, but he all the same will remain your friend. The friend can be one hundred and one thousand times is wrong, but even then he will remain the friend. There are three types of change: change to the state (does not affect the human relations), change on love (see item 2, “love cannot be ordered“, here you do not popisht), and, actually, change (it is a mean trick, an ambush) from cowardice, sincere callousness and shkurnichesky cowardice. There are such people that speak much, but do a little. It is not enough. From such people of good do not wait. Steer clear of them. Remember: having betrayed you once, they will begin to enjoy and so will do continually. On the traitor far you will not leave. Also there is nothing to be sorry here. We put an end to it and we move forward, to victories!

* we will spit a grave Three times: sleep peacefully, darling, lovely!

10 - y point: Three things at which it is possible to look infinitely long exist: fire, water and how others work (popular wisdom from the Internet).

* “On knees, deer!“ “To work, Blacks!“ and so forth. It is pleasant to have slaves, isn`t it?

Khm, perhaps, it and so. Unfortunately, our world is arranged so that nobody is born with a crown on the head and a scepter in a hand. And if you decided to ego-trip at the expense of other people, then be sure that someone will ego-trip for yours (exclusive approach). Taking in hand reins of government in any collective, be sure that besides the rights and privileges, responsibility including for consequences in case of an arbitrariness is automatically conferred on you. “We in the answer for those whom we tamed“ (And. Saint - Ekzyuperi).

I get rid, at last, of this bad habit, to accuse all of the misses and defects. Nobody is guilty that you have not enough patience, a step and intelligence to solve the problems. As they say, disturb the foul dancer of a leg. So you have only yourself to blame. “I have no problems, I am part of a problem“ (Morgan). Though, perhaps, sometime your friends will chip in together and on anniversary will present you new brains. In your dreams. =))

Z. Û: I absolve you your sins, go with cheese, my son!