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Who such shishig?

B Slavic and the Finn - Ugrian folklore shishigy call a kind of frights, mermaids, consider as the independent character. According to different versions they are inhabitants of the woods or are found in ponds, small small rivers or lakes, and even are ranked as spiteful house-spirits.

Shishig usually depicted as the nude woman (sometimes - humpbacked) with a wild hair which they unsuccessfully combed a crest, and at times also with a tail, and also a pot-belly and knotty hands. In particular, at A. M. Remizov it is possible to read that if the shishiga covers the person with a tail, then it by all means will be gone, and irrevocably.

House-spirits mock at the person who is accepted to affairs, previously without having prayed. Thus they accustom members of household to pious behavior.

Forest shishig attack people, eat and pick stones. Water shishig are naughty, creeping to bathing and beginning to tickle them, and can and drag off in water from the coast, and the favourite place of their dwelling are cane thickets. There was a belief according to which the meeting with them foretells fast death of the person who saw them.

However the academician D. K. Zelenin tells the story which is not fitting into the similar point of view. He reports that a certain fisherman “having come to the coast of the lake once, saw a shishiga which sat on a hummock and braided the hair to the spit. The Shishiga, having noticed the man, dived into water, and left a crest which scratched the hair on that hummock.

The fisherman swam up to a hummock by the boat, took a crest and brought it to himself in a log hut. On the same day, only smerklos, and all family of the fisherman settled to sleep, percussion at a door and the voice of a shishiga which was plaintively begging the fisherman was heard to return it a crest. The fisherman opened a window and threw out - seized him quickly a shishiga and disappeared“.

According to the superstitions connected with these spirits, in the afternoon they do not constitute strong danger, sleeping off after night mischief, and here with approach of twilight begin the rough activity.

On the Samara Luk old residents tell also now that shishig willingly settle under a planked footway on Askule`s river. But local shishig are especially not loved drunk and if someone from locals, being “tipsy“, decides to go to the coast, then vanishes irrevocably. And still shishig punish for hooliganism.

So when the tipsy company of youth from the neighboring village, pogonyav on motorcycles of cats and, having gone to shish kebabs, for the lack of firewood ruined a well, then, coming back home, this company to death was frightened by the nude woman of an ugly look presented on the way, and hastily retired, having struck gases. That shishig hate drunkards, are sure also of the Komi`s people, and on coast of Kama. And in Mordovia will tell many sob-stories.

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Krom of the mythical character in different places of shishigy can call the careless woman, the reckless person and even the military GAZ truck - 66 about which speak: “Who goes by a shishiga, roads are not necessary to that“. Generally, the word in the people popularly and until now …