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Who will rescue Android?

of Android - my most favourite operating system. While I have no device working under control of this OS.

Paradox? By no means. I have no devices, but there is a development tool of SDK Android applications (available to anyone and it is absolutely free), and also Wednesday for applications programming under the Android - Eclipse (too it is free). I did not make special progress in programming, but with own hand created the unpretentious application (let and on a template)!

Extremely I recommend to all teachers of informatics to spit for the state program and to put on school Android SDK computers. One business - to interest the child to make an abstract applet, and absolutely another - to create the live own mobile phone application! Thanks to low prices phones and smartphones on the basis of Android are available to most of residents of Russia and the CIS.

And here after so many cheerful beginning I will report bad news: there arrived the auditor. Call the auditor Steve Ballmer, this tolstenky merry fellow works in Microsoft in department of songs and dancings. The new song of Steve is devoted to patents. To patents of Microsoft which Google violated, creating Android.

However financial claims fell not upon the Internet - giant, and upon producers of gadgets. Now LG, Samsung and other vendors are obliged to transfer money into accounts of Microsoft for each device, whether it be phone, a player or the tablet sold on the basis of Android. Ridiculously, but these assignments it is more, than itself Microsoft earns from the phones with the Windows Phone system!

Similar penalties mean one for the end user - an increase in prices. But there is more to come. Recent researches showed that users of android - phones spend a little. On games, programs, a traffic on the Internet. That is the average income from such users for mobile operators many times is less, than from users of iPhone, for example.

It speaks simply. Thanks to low cost, phones with Android are bought by people with small prosperity. As for expensive android - devices, they are got by techno - geeks who do not hurry to give excess kopek too. The device for them is a test ground, but not a way to spend money. As a result the operating system from Google is a little attractive to communication giants.

Completely I share opinion of those who prophesy death and oblivion of Android shortly (few years). But I will specify: the end waits for official commercial use. But to the most operating system there will be nothing terrible even if Google will stop its support. Besides Nokia, Apple, Motorola, Microsoft, HTC and other brands, there is one more to which Android very much was pleasant and to which to spit on any resolutions of court. His name - NoName (Made in China).

At this brand today 30% of the market of mobile phones (including smartphones). And Android allows this brand to create iPhone worth 8-10 thousand rubles clone.

Therefore the green robot will live for a long time, and for children this system, perhaps, the best way to become interested in programming.