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Whether there can be a batic magic?

Agree, those people who do favorite thing are happy. And, not only as a hobby, and it is professional.

Get acquainted, - Olga Dushevskaya, - the artist - the master in textiles, the master decoratively - applied art, the member of the Tolyatti chamber of crafts. Graduated from the Tolyatti art school and the Samara academy of arts. Its first thesis in equipment a hot batic under the name “Ancient World“ was exhibited at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Is engaged not only a batic, but also sews, makes gobelins and drags dolls. The meeting with this woman convinced me that expression “keen people precisely shine from within“ once again, - not just words.

We occurred at Olga of the house where there is her workshop.

- You pass, please, - the melodious voice of the young pretty woman spread on the room. - Only, you know, I and have nothing to show - that to you! I work to order therefore all my works disperse. Yes I also do not seek to store them that stagnation in creativity was not. Though I dream of own exhibition long ago. But there are photos and my last batic on which I worked tonight.

While the big frame with the fabric tense inside was established for display, I paid attention what sincere atmosphere reigned in the apartment. Bed tone of finishing of the room, air fabrics, well-groomed plants in pots, with love the placed house trifles … All situation spoke about warmth, tranquility and self-sufficiency of her owners.

- Here my workplace, - sitting down on a sofa, the smooth movements Olga displayed before me tools of the work, - weightless silk, paints, wool hanks, tiny home decoration. But suddenly began to tell not about the creativity, and about one surprising acquaintance which turned all her life.

Once in Olga`s apartment phone call was distributed. On that end of a wire the woman was presented as Lidiya Vasilyevna Savina, the doctor of medical sciences, the author patented biological the test - systems. (Comment of the author: Lidiya Vasilyevna Savina is professor of department of faculty of improvement of doctors of the Kuban state medical academy, the author of 250 scientific works in the field of natural medicine).

- Saw your works at an exhibition, - she told, - and decided to test them in the laboratory. The tremendous result turned out!

The essence of development of Lidiya Vasilyevna consists in ability of water to read out an information field from the animated and inanimate objects. The droplet of such biological liquid is put under a microscope and studied. And loaded with necessary information, according to the developer, she can be used as medicine.

- You know, elderly professor clapped and rejoiced as the child, - Olya shared the impressions of a meeting with Lidiya Vasilyevna.

- Look, - she said to Olga, - cages share! I saw similar only in children`s drawings. The antelope beetle, you do not even represent that you for the person! As your works are valuable to people. This emits irreplaceable amino acids, and this can be carried that who wants to become pregnant. And here glyutaminovy acid, youth acid is emitted. Why I to the patients will prescribe medicine if they can just carry your author`s things and recover!?

Having tested Olga`s works, professor was so struck to her positive power field that issued it the certificate on the improvement suggestion recognized to use as “A way of providing the person with power information protection“.

Lidiya Vasilyevna on herself came under miracle influence of the Oliny batic. After the difficult working day, she is wrapped up in the palatine made especially for it and says that she as a hand removes fatigue and a headache.

Acquaintance to professor pushed Olya on creation of the second thesis - “Semantics in an art - therapies on the example of a batic “Triptych “Light Russia““.

Bright palette of color, as if fresh, huge flowers, unique folklore stylization … It cannot learn, I thought, considering photos with Olginy works and listening as she studied bases of composition, coloring and technology. It seems to me, the art talent can be given only by nature.

Still the little girl Olya very much liked to sew dresses to the dolls. And when the necessary coloring of fabric in shop was not, she thought out it. And now, carrying out the order, Olga puts in in this work not only the ability, but also I smother. Long communicates with the person to understand that to him it is close. Studies type of his face, skin, color of eyes and hair. Silk - fabric whimsical. The it is thinner, the less paint can incorporate, the shades will be more gentle at it. From here and total result.

- I understand power fields and treatment without drugs a little, but I know what without soul cannot be created, - Olga admitted to me. The person has to love that he does. And I cannot just live without the business.

From what she derives inspiration? Yes in all that surrounds it! She keeps thinking of something, all the time to something gets accustomed, looks in the heart of the nature.

And a surname - that on the husband at Olga “sincere“, - Dushevskaya. As there was it has thousand-year history and noble roots. But it is already a subject for other history.

Saying goodbye to Olga, unexpectedly for herself learned that to her forty and that it has already adult son. Truly time not imperiously over people who live in harmony with themselves and people around and is born to the world by light and good.

For reference: A batic - batik - the Indonesian word. In translation from Indonesian “ba“ - it is cotton fabric, and “-tik“ - “point“ or “drop“. Ambatik - to draw, cover with drops, to shade. Therefore a batic call various ways of a manual list of fabric paints. It can be silk, cotton, wool, sometimes and synthetics. For receiving a clear boundary on a joint of paints the special fixer - the reserve (reserving structure on the basis of paraffin, gasoline on a water basis, depending on elected technicians, fabric and paints is used).

This way for receiving on drawing fabric was used in ancient Sumer, Peru, Japan, Sri from time immemorial - a lanka, on Indochina, in the African countries. And widely the Batic in the 17th century when the tub - Ting“ - the original tool for drawing patterns was invented by the melted wax “extended. It is a small copper vessel with one or several bent noses, with the bamboo or wooden handle. The homeland of a batic Java Island in Indonesia where to this day the clothes from the fabrics painted manually are very popular is considered.

Modern technicians of a list of fabric are very various. The batic incorporated features and artistic touches of many fine arts - water colors, pastels, graphics, a stained-glass window, a mosaic. Considerable simplification of receptions of a list in comparison with traditional technicians and variety of special means allows to paint various details of clothes, home decoration, pictures on silk even with that who was never engaged in fabric registration earlier.