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We escape from a skin peeling.

the Problem of a peeling of face skin is familiar to most of women. To any woman it is simply vital to show consideration for the skin and know at least some reasons of a peeling.

Frequent reasons of a peeling of skin.

Climate and weather - the most frequent reasons of a peeling of any type of skin. The frost and wind or, on the contrary, the scorching sun and dry air is more frequent reason.

The following, more rare reason - injuries of skin, scratch, an inflammation, irritation or an allergy which can arise in connection with drug intake, poisoning or from - for some foodstuff.

The peeling is not a disease. It is treated by special cosmetics. But if together with a peeling you had an itch - it is necessary to go immediately to the doctor.

How to avoid a peeling. And what to do if skin already to be shelled.

moisture loss is the Most important and frequent reason of a peeling of skin for this reason the first that you have to begin to do at the first signs of a peeling - to moisten skin. For a start instead of a toilet soap begin to wash gel or a skin for washing, as a last resort, begin to use soft soap which part the moisturizing cream or essential oil is.

Stop to wipe a face a towel. After washing blot it with a soft napkin, and later wipe with tonic and you apply the moisturizing cream. It will help to rescue your skin from drying.

Remember that alcohol dries your skin! If you have a dry skin, then it is impossible to apply the cosmetics containing alcohol or lanolin in the structure at all.

It is also possible to try to clear skin not water, but vegetable oil, sesame can approach - it has ability to dissolve and delete various pollution.

At a peeling of skin it is necessary to apply protective cream. Important: it is necessary to apply cream earlier, than in 30 minutes prior to an exit to the street! Otherwise you only aggravate a situation.

At the choice of the moisturizing cream it is necessary to pay attention to fatty components of a product. They are the most important component of the moisturizing cream - they interfere with drying, creating protection to your skin. As a last resort, vaseline or children`s cream, but it only in that case can approach when to use the moisturizing cream the opportunity is not given.

Do not save on skin creams. Cheap and low-quality cream can harmful affect your appearance. At best you just will not see any result, in the worst - the result will be, but at all not what you expected. The huge number of scandals concerning various cosmetics including creams is known. Women had an allergy or, it is worse than that, burns.

Ways of treatment of a peeling of skin. to

to Treatment of a peeling of skin is promoted by cream with a hydrocortisone. Buying cream, track that the content in cream of a hydrocortisone owes a bytbolsha of 0,5%, otherwise visible effect can not be observed. It is necessary to process the shelled skin zones once a day for two weeks. However you should not tighten such treatment for long term. Remember, a hydrocortisone - medicine, but not cosmetics!