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How to help the children`s home child?

Many, having seen enough various transfers about poor children - orphans and about their terrifying life in orphanages, decide to help them somehow. On TV constantly there are messages on the celebrities which offered for needs of it are that orphanage of n - the ny sum of money.

The inhabitant, having seen enough all this, thinks: “I will help - and I to kids!“ Also drags in the nearest orphanage of a thing and toy of the grown-up children. Or, having learned the account from the director, transfers money there. And even just hands over this money to the director.

Believe, such “donations“ to orphanage are not necessary. Other business - the large enterprises which looked after concrete orphanage. In my city many enterprises have sponsored orphanage: come, do repair, buy equipment, arrange to kids holidays.

What then to do to the simple person at whom “jammed“ heart and there was a wish to make something for children - orphans?

Go to these children and communicate with them! This the best that you will be able to make. I know what I speak about: kids live in quite good conditions, let without delicacy, but are fed and naked they do not go. The state allocates a decent sum of money for keeping of each orphan. Every year (as a rule, at the beginning of September) the complete set of clothes and footwear is given by it, beginning from underwear and finishing with winter things. So they are fed, dressed, put … But as they are lonely among crowd similar!

On group of 8-15 people two tutors who, as a rule, work every other day are put. For the working day it is necessary to them: to wake, feed, send for study, to hand over things in washing, to make with all lessons (and if group uneven-age?!) to give some classes - action, to walk … And to talk? With everyone? Separately? To glance to everyone in soul? Joke! On it there is no time left any more.

Here also children`s home children grow at the real socially not adapted savages. And where to adapt to this child? Will prepare to eat to it three times a day, will give clothes, sometimes at cinema reduce or on excursion. Aged grandfathers - grandmothers whom it is necessary to look after no, younger brothers - little sisters nobody forces to nurse, clever conversations about distribution of the family budget or it is far better to go to have a rest in holiday at it too nobody conducts.

As a result at the exit from orphanage they receive the severance pay which is spent right there for smart mobile phones and expensive food, and in few months come back to orphanage and with tears ask to take them back. But it is not necessary! Of course, tutors out of pity feed up them...

How to solve this problem? And in any way! It should be not solved, and to warn! At us the mass of programs for the device of children - orphans in families works in the country now. But it is very responsible step, and it is possible to go to it, having only carefully considered. Besides, the consent of all members of your family is necessary.

Much more simply and more well - to visit orphanage. Choose suitable you, and better if kids are school age there. Why? All is simple: at us in the country orphanages are divided into three age categories:

from 0 to 3 - 4 years;

since 3 - 4 years - to school;


And so, those which for babies, are in department of the Ministry of Health and there without special medical board even on a threshold will not let you.

To go to kids of preschool age very hard morally: they on all rush, shout “Mother!“. And eyes of the beaten puppy look to you in eyes.

With school students it is simpler. They already though can explain something. What to begin with? It is the best of all to approach the social teacher of orphanage. She will prompt to you what group is visited least of all by various “sponsors“. After that talk to the tutor of this group (without children so far). Learn what can be brought to tea what toys or manuals are not enough.

You come, you speak, ask on life, tell, read books, you watch movies and discuss them, you make hand-made articles. Generally, do what usually you try to make with the own children.

And if you, such compassionate, the whole company gathers, or you enough man of means, will organize to kids excursion, departure to the nature, a cultural visit of circus, movie theater or theater.

It is better if such actions become not single, and more - less regular, at least once in few months.

But suddenly it happens so that some little boy or the little girl will be pleasant to you especially. Then you can quite take deeper part in its destiny.

The children`s home child can be brought home for the weekend, holidays or vacation!

However, for this purpose it is necessary to issue which - what documents, the so-called “guest visa“. It is necessary to tinker with papers a little: inspection of living conditions, your medical board and still the characteristic from the militiaman in the beat. The guest visa in different regions for different term is made out: from 3 - x months about one year.

But the child taken “on guest“ you will be able to teach to cross the road, to use public transport, to shop in shop. Believe when you teach 9 - 10 - the summer child to define time on hours or you explain what can be bought for hundred rubles - you have absolutely new, indescribable feelings, your own children at this age perceive all this as self-evident.

Only you remember - the child whom you at least once invited to yourself to the house, will hope that sooner or later you will take away it for ever. So before to undertake something, still properly weigh time. The human destiny is not a toy. And these children were betrayed already once.

And still (tar spoon): in orphanages there live not angels at all, these children can be inclined to theft, alcoholism, vagrancy etc. of

So think, ladies and gentlemen, think! And those who will really want to help the children`s home child will always find a way as to make it.