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As it is correct to choose shamnun or hi, a long braid!

At the shampoo choice first of all read everything that is written on packing. Always use the shampoo suitable your type of hair, and after a while after the beginning of use watch effect.

can be understood As good result of shampoo:

gloss and improvement of hair;

lack of loss;

lack of a sputyvaniye of hair after washing;

the obedient and well combed locks;

absence of irritation and dandruff on the head;

hair are washed well out after washing by this shampoo.

besides, good shampoo has to: to compensate loss by hair of moisture and nutrients, to smooth scales and to protect a hair cuticle, not to make heavier hair, to remove electricity of hair, to give them silkiness, to protect from ultraviolet rays.

to Understand that shampoo does not suit you it is possible after the first or second use. And to find out whether you shampoo approaches, 2 or 3 weeks can leave. If you found the shampoo which is completely suitable you, then do not change it for some another.

All shampoos can be distributed on the following groups:

the usual shampoos intended for clarification;

the looking after shampoos;

improving and medical;

coloring shampoos (are intended for giving to shade hair);

shampoos for deep cleaning of hair.

Children`s shampoos - one of good. They approach any hair and any water, at the same time do not degrease hair.

We define quality of shampoo.

For determination of quality of shampoo mix water in a glass with shampoo and wait a little time. If after a while in a glass there is a deposit of a curdled consistence, then it is better not to wash with such shampoo the head.

Is recommended not to apply the shampoos containing sulfate of sodium or ammonium.

What there are shampoos? shampoos classify

In modern cosmetology on:

an oily hair shampoos (contain many detergents);

normal hair shampoos (contain smaller amount of the washing substances, than an oily hair shampoos);

dry hair shampoos (contain few washing substances + a humidifier);

the soft shampoos intended for frequent washing (the amount of detergents are not enough, from - for what it does not irritate skin and does not dry up hair);

shampoos for fight against dandruff (contain substances which slow down cell fission of skin and deletes the died-off scales, its too frequent use negatively affects appearance of your hair).