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Who is guilty? And what to do to be similar to Cleopatra. Chast2.

approve the Law of curtailment of functions of an organism: “That does not train, is curtailed as superfluous“. This law is actual not only for women, but also for men. The old age comes when we it allow it.

And Ivan Bunin considered that life is, undoubtedly, the love, kindness, and reduction of love, kindness, is always reduction of life, there is already a death. Very much excessive gravity, my dear ages. So the youth formula is also simple and difficult at the same time.

Honore de Balzac told about the “old“ wife of the deputy Tsarstva Polsky who, “having lived almost till hundred years, captivates mind, young heart, a pretty face, a harmonous camp. In the conversation sparkling wit it can compare people of 18 - 19 centuries. This lady of high society is very amorous and differs in a heat of the very young girl. She swims, runs. She scoffs at death and laughs at life. Still now she forces to shed tears the young man who is carried away by it. It can give so many years how many she will wish“.

complexes remained behind turn


Now I consider an old age in 50 - 70 years as just psychophysiological illness

my thoughts on Rubicon: diseases began, nothing any more to change; all grow old, so a time; it is a shame to be young when three times the grandmother; that people will think; it is egoism, to take care of the own life.

All these and many other complexes, and also not conformable to my new spirit of communication, were gradually lost and lagged behind me on the way to Success top.

All tests including diseases, are given us for learning, are given us in order that we for a moment reflected. There will be quite enough this moment, and it will surely change you.

And now about the main thing. All this yet not the guarantee of success because secret of female magnetism, I believe, lies in other plane.

this Secret in a sincere subtlety and goodheartedness, and in ability to love, to love recklessly and disinterestedly, all heart . I dare to claim that we nevertheless are not so spoiled by a civilization as foreign ladies.

Can therefore now many foreign grooms choose in wives of Slavs? To them, I think, the onlooker sees most of the game. Though not the fact that they are beskorysta: all man`s claims rolled into one! But about it next time.

To be young, be it! Be able to enjoy life, do that to be pleasant to you, be an optimist, fall in love and live in the present. And still present yourself the right for mistakes and do not exhaust yourself for them. And, of course, suitably put on.

In several years of polishing from within and outside I with surprise noticed that me society of my peers, Society Grumbling did not become interesting, to All Dissatisfied and Everything Knowing. And in a circle of the friends who all are much younger than me I feel as the most young and the most reckless.

Ya I accept life such what it is and I love her unintentional pleasures. My long, such skirts cozy before began to disturb me, and I cut off them. I bought bright jackets “in an oblipka“. Other men and not meekly began to be pleasant to me absolutely!

I returned to youth which I as I understand now, did not have. Try, it is so healthy and healthy: To PRESENT ITSELF ONE MORE YOUTH!