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Pictures from an exhibition. Why not constructed gate in Kiev remained in centuries?

What communication between attempt at the Russian emperor and Michael Jackson`s song? Tricky question, to any “experts“. I, however, so would not raise a question though in Russian-speaking Wikipedia it is definitely written that “ in the introduction of a song of Michael Jackson of “HIStory“ almost obviously quote orchestral “Powerful gate “. In total - it can be casual coincidence. But that is not casual at all, Mussorgsky`s music about Powerful gate in Kiev is quoted in bottoms - to write to music so much how many there will not be enough pages about it. But - one after another.

Alexander the Second

the Russian emperor Alexander II was exposed to numerous attempts at the life. The last ended “successfully“ - the tsar was killed. But also before there were attempts - in one more than ten innocent people in the Winter Palace died, in others - Alexander at whom cancelled a serfdom in Russia, by miracle managed to avoid a bullet. To such attempt also attempt belongs on April 4, 1866, then the revolutionary - the terrorist Dmitry Karakozov shot.

In honor of disposal of death the decision to construct grandiose gate in Kiev was made. The sketch of these gate was made by the architect and the artist V. Gartman, this sketch and won a competition.

Victor Gartman

Victor Aleksandrovich Gartman (1834-1873) is the Russian architect and the artist, the founder of the so-called “pseudo-Russian style“ (neorussian, new Russian) in architecture. The architects working in this style tried to revive traditions of ancient Russian architecture together with elements of the Byzantine architecture.

Victor`s family - Eduarda Gartmana was from France (in the English Wikipedia it is for some reason written - from Volga German). The boy was born already in St. Petersburg, in 4 years completely was deserted and was brought up in a family of the uncle - the famous architect Gemilian (in St. Petersburg the set of constructions of this architect remained). Studied in the Mountain case, then - in Academy of Arts (subsequently became the academician).

Gartman spent four years in Europe from where he brought a huge number of drawings. In general, it would be possible to call creative destiny of this architect “unsuccessful“ - the most part of projects was not realized or did not remain.

In Moscow still there is the former printing house of Mamontov yes the monument of the Millennium of Russia rises in Novgorod, it is more - almost than nothing. And gate in Kiev were not constructed. However know about them …

All the matter is that Gartman had a friend, just a friend who was called Modest Mussorgsky.

Modest Mussorgsky

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (1839-1881) is the great Russian composer, one of the most known in the world, the author of the well-known operas “Boris Godunov“, “Hovanshchina“ and others. He was born in the Pskov province, got a house education, then, already in St. Petersburg, studied in famous Petrishula. Further - the Nikolaev cavalry school (it also Lermontov finished) and service in Preobrazhenskoye to a regiment. In music Mussorgsky, as well as all Russian composers then - was ingenious a self-educated person.

Mussorgsky entered into “The Five“ - the commonwealth of musicians. Members of “small group“ were the engineer - the general Caesar Kyui, the naval officer Rimsky-Korsakov, the mathematician by training Mily Balakirev, the outstanding chemist A. Borodin. Adjoined this musical circle not only musicians, the artist and the architect Gartman was also close to new trends and ideas.

Mussorgsky - one of the brightest representatives of the new musical direction. Without its music in general there could not be music of all 20th century - such strong impact was exerted by his creativity on all European culture (interest in the national song, innovation of language). Unfortunately, he had heavy alcoholism (it is visible also on I. Repin`s portrait, it is made literally some days before death of the composer), and died of consequences of this illness, without having managed to embody many plans.

Its music was long considered “barbarous“, not recognized. But now all its works - masterpieces. The “Pictures from an exhibition“ written by Mussorgsky after a posthumous exhibition of the early died friend Victor Gartman also belong to masterpieces.

of the Picture from an exhibition

All these “pictures“ are a musical impression of Gartman`s sketches, they also are called on pictures. In a cycle - several parts, among them such, as «the Gnome“, “The ballet of not hatched baby birds“, “Limoges. Market“, “Catacombs. Roman tomb“, “Hut on chicken legs. Baba-yaga“, “Powerful gate. In the capital city in Kiev“.

Powerful gate

In this music which finishes all cycle is not present anything romantic. It is solemn majestic music in the middle of which bells - big sound, it is less and absolutely small.

Musical Europe, having heard “Powerful gate“, was surprised and listened. The famous French composer Maurice Ravel, the author much known “Bolero“, right there shifted all cycle for orchestral execution. Since then “Pictures“ and sound - in two options, for a piano and an orchestra.

But in the 20th century of options there was where as more, the subject “in the capital city in Kiev“ is heard in many musical manifestations of bottoms - cultures. World recognition

B 1928 the famous artist Vasily Kandinsky carried out

musically - picturesque statement of “Pictures from an exhibition“ in Germany. In 1963 in Moscow on Mussorgsky`s music the ballet was put by F. Lopukhov. Right there the cascade of animated films in all countries - from Japan to the USA went (one of the most interesting works - the animated film of the Parisian A. Alekseev on the needle screen). Also the Soviet animated film on subjects of “Pictures from an exhibition“ is known.

The uncountable number of arrangements - from jazz to fate - processings followed. There are even two Japanese websites entirely devoted to “Pictures from an exhibition“. Subjects from “Pictures“ sound in movies “Big Lebovski“ (USA), “Barmaglot“ (England), “About freaks and people“ (Russia). Mussorgsky`s music is quoted in numerous fate - compositions, but the most known case - full execution of “Pictures from an exhibition“ two fate - groups: German progressiv - metal - Mekong Delta group and British prorgessiv - fate - group Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP). The last let out also an album with the full arrangement which and is called - “Pictures from an exhibition“.

Generally, it is surprising: primordially Russian music, with strong national color, and was demanded not only at classical musicians around the world, but also at jazzmen (the most known arrangement - Duke Ellington), and at “progressive“ rockers. Then many can know about a particle of the Russian history, with attempts at tsars, with the works of architects which are not realized … by

(To look and listen to options, up to fate - executions, it is possible in comments).