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Understanding - a key to? Lesson 1: “Only knowing understanding of a body of

what you do, it is possible to make that you want“. (M. Feldenkrayz)

Understanding of the reasons of the events with us opens opportunities to conscious changes. Why I place such emphasis on understanding? Yes because for the solution of any problem it is required to realize her in the beginning, and then its real reasons.

To get rid of complexes, fears, stereotypes, irrational behavior - it is necessary to realize at first problems and to what they serve, to understand their roots. And it is impossible until we returned ourselves the ability to self-understanding given us by the nature. This ability is effectively muffled by the wrong education, and again to disclose it, and then to develop - the hard task demanding time and serious efforts.

And it is the simplest to begin a way to itself with understanding of own body. Why? Body - a source of a powerful stream of feelings which most part does not reach our consciousness. And thus we lose both disturbing signals, and a pleasure source. Besides concentration on corporal feelings is a first step to mastering self-control methods. Also it will help with fight against muscular clips. Having increased sensitivity to the processes happening in a body, we have an opportunity to trace problem zones and further purposefully to work with them. Not for nothing similar technicians are actively used in various improving practicians. But so far our purpose - not change, but understanding, supervision without intervention in the events.

The principle is very simple : in a condition of relative rest to watch the events in a body. It is possible to begin in a prone position on a back. There is no special pose, just lay down and observe. Begin with superficial feelings: surfaces under you, temperatures, feelings from a clothes touch. Having caught any feeling, we note it and we transfer attention to other parts of a body.

Note a cool of the inhaled air. You pass to feelings from muscles. It is more convenient to establish a certain order in advance and to follow it. Usually begin with disteel parts of a body: brushes and feet, as more sensitive. It is possible to begin also with a face. Try to feel own muscles, to experience them on all area and depth. With high probability you will want to weaken the found intense sites, or they will relax by itself. There can be, for example, a feeling of heat, as at auto-training. Breath can be slowed down and go deep. It is not necessary to be afraid of it at all, but also it is not necessary to cause any feelings.

All events with us - are normal. Your task in this exercise: to watch itself, the feelings, the events in a body. The purpose - increase of sensitivity and development of skill of understanding. And here to interfere with observed processes, of course, it is harmless, but also it is not useful. The purpose is the understanding of what occurs in our body and soul, as well as in the outside world.

Work lying it is convenient: we are in rest and relative relaxation. It is convenient, but me personally in such situation drives in a dream. But our purpose - not relaxation, but understanding! That is work not of muscles, and consciousnesses. So, the pose has no special value and it is possible to work both sitting, and lying. Anyway it will become the following stage of your work. Of course, in a sitting position a certain tension will appear. It is natural, trace them.

(Small retreat. In a sitting position and costing muscles participate in balance maintenance. It is always possible to find situation in which the body is balanced and tension of muscles is minimum.)

Realize breath process: what it differs from breath in a prone position in. And so on.

Important! If you insistently wanted to make something: to replace a pose, to drink waters, to finish exercise - it is normal! It can be both needs of nature of a body, and manifestation of psychological protection. Our mentality always resists changes, good or bad. Our organism not really - that wishes to strain because all way of life disaccustomed it to it. Change of - heavy and almost always unpleasant work, so resistance quite naturally. You should not fight against it. Instead try to realize the desire, it is possible - to understand its source. If the requirement of an organism is persistent, do that there is a wish. Only try to experience, realize each movement. Having felt thirsty? Great! It is not a hindrance, but an opportunity to practice. Slowly we get up (if we lay) and we go behind water. Just we try to go slowly and, rastekshis attention on a body, to feel how it works. We drink and try to feel how we do it what feelings come from the water coming to an organism.

Similarly we work with the thoughts which are inevitably “running away“ in process. Do not try to struggle with desire of an organism to distract, ours “I“ now - the observer! Track thoughts, the arising emotions (for example, irritation and rage on yourself for the fact that you cannot execute such foolish exercise). Observe, without being involved internally, and again gradually come back to understanding of a body.

All these exercises are not end in itself. I remind: our purpose - to learn to realize itself . In artificial conditions we only train this skill, we will begin to apply it in real life. Otherwise you should not make a fuss also! And therefore safely you pass to work with the movement.

In the beginning choose any simple movement (for example, drawing of a hand as for handshake) and try to execute it slowly and whenever possible consciously. That is having concentrated on the movement, on its trajectory, on a muscle work, on breath and tactile feelings. Next time you can take other movement (any, for example, instep aside or an inclination forward).

Then try to work with walking. Do not try to go too slowly, it does gait unnatural (though exercises with the superslow movement exist, but first to carry out them complicated). Do not try to control the movements, to correct something. It is possible to correct mistakes when they are traced and realized (though it is not excluded that in process a lot of things will improve “itself“, it is spontaneous). Just observe, catch and remember feelings.

And of course, to understanding exercises it is necessary to come back every time as you remember them. Because it is impossible “to train understanding“ according to the schedule, half an hour in day since morning. It no more, than introduction exercise, understanding - the process penetrating all life and activity of the person. Probably, it is an ideal, but it is necessary to aspire to it. Finally understanding does life much more intelligent and saturated.

And one more: if during exercise something external draws attention, it is not necessary to perceive it as the distracting factor. On the contrary, any irritant is an object for understanding and a source of new feelings. But conversation on it is ahead.