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Rubens, “Devkalion and Pierre“. People from a stone?

This story are reminded by the bible legend on a Flood. The Supreme deity was disappointed that it began to be created on the earth, - and decided to make a fresh start. And first of all limes all live.

Here is how Ovidy in “Metamorphoses“ describes these events:

... The human race doomed to death All feel sorry for

; what view of the earth which lost mortal will be

All question: who will bring the Incense on an altar

? Or he wants to give to wild beasts the deserted earth?

I on their question in reply that it is about it care,

Vyshnikh the tsar forbids to shiver and, not similar with former, He promises to show

- the wonderful birth - the tribe.

Who these “everything“ that feel sorry for the human race? Gods are Olympians. Who wants to relieve the earth of mortal? Who it “it“? It is Zeus.

Zeus first wanted to exhaust all fire, but for some reason was afraid that

Death will threaten divnoslazhenny the world to a bulk.

... Other elected Kara - the human race under

water Took in head to ruin...

No sooner said than done:

From heaven overturned pouring rains.

... The land and the sea merged, and distinction between them did not become,

Everything was - the sea one, and the sea had no breg.
is shorter than

, drowned all. And who did not drown - died of hunger:

The majority perishes in water; and the few, water spared,

At a lack of everything, long hunger restrains.

Over water only one mountain acts now:

Parnassus; tops it are higher than clouds. to it - that Devkalion - the rest water covered

K -

With the marriage girlfriend stuck by the small boat.

Devkalion is a fellow Noya, the bible character. Ache it was chosen as the Lord as a sample pure and innocent. And the Lord enjoined to construct Noa an ark, to put in it “all kinds of people“, the sons with wives. And all this in order that after clarification from filth the earth was filled with life again.

Why Ache? Than he deserved goodwill and blessing of the Lord? Here what about it is told by the Bible: “Here Noya`s life: Ache there was a person just and pure in the sort; Ache went before God“ (Life, 6,9). It was enough to drown all others.

That to Devkalion and Pirra, that legend concerns their life to a flood even well:

It was not better for ever pravdolyubivy than the husband, Bogoboyaznenn`s

so any did not happen from women.

... Both are innocent soul, gods admirers both.

Zeus (probably, to the surprise) found out that this couple is still live, and decided to stop a flood. And right there to it the decision to use spouses for reproduction of the people came.

Water gradually left:

The rivers fall down, the arisen hills already seemed;

the Sea again in coast, and in courses the full rivers,

I acts the earth, with decrease of water arriving.

To evening of long day and the woods seemed tops

Naked, ooze on branches remained with them.

the World revived terrestrial.
Escaped begin with

new life. Devkalion addresses the wife, to Pierre:

Devkalion, having begun to sob, addresses the Pierre:

“Us, about the sister, about the wife, about the uniform woman in the world,

You with whom both the general sort, and the grandfather at both uniform, Us and marriage sjedinit

, sjedinyat danger now -

How many sees lands the East and the West, all earth

We inhabit together“.

All mortal died, there were only they:

“Nowadays in us only two breed remains mortal;

So is necessary for gods that people a sample we remained“.

Both began to cry.

Was from what to cry: neither relatives, nor acquaintances, nor friends, nor enemies. And any property: neither house, nor cattle. What to do? Of course, to ask for suggestions gods. They decided to pray. Nearby from - under waters some temple, all in seaweed, in ooze acted. They fell to steps, kissed a floor and asked for suggestions as to fill with it a mankind loss. The answer was is as follows:

Leave the temple; your Heads having covered

, clothes of a belt untie

I through shoulders throw foremothers of a bone back.

What to do? To cover the heads - not a question, to unknit belts - any difficulties. But here is how it: to throw the foremother`s bones?

They were dumbfounded, and broke the first silence

of Pierre; goddesses she does not want to obey commands;

Asks forgiveness to itself; lips quailed, is afraid of

of Mother to offend a shadow, throwing her bones back.
physically it was impossible for

I: they appeared very far from graves of the ancestors. Devkaliona dawns an ingenious guess:

“Our foremother - the earth. In a body her hidden bones,

I Think - stones. To throw them for a back to us command.

the Married couple ungirdled (unknit on herself belts) and began to throw stones for a back back. Also there was a miracle:

Stones - would believe who, do not witness antiquity -

Suddenly they began to lose gradually both the hardness, and rigidity,

Soft became, then accepted, having softened, and an image.

Later when increased and became more gentle than them the nature,

was possible already though not clear, shape to see

B them the person, such as in marble it is visible in started, -

Exact not absolutely yet, for sculptures rough similar.

Part of structure of stones that was earth and damp

Juice comprised, went to a potreba for a body;

Strong part that did not bend absolutely, in frame addressed.

From those stones which were thrown by Devkalion turned out men, and from those that threw Pierre - women:

of Time passed a little, and at will of Gods of a kamenye

that the man threw, appearance of men was found;

A from - under female throws of the woman came back again to the world.
Does not know to

, what is the time Devkalion and Pierre threw stones how many the people they so reproduced.

Rubens`s Etude “Devkalion and Pierre“

Rubens represented spouses with the covered heads at the moment when they still continue to throw stones, but from part thrown already people appeared. Judging by the size of stones, work was hard. What is the time old men could sustain such work (at least, so they were represented by the artist)?

Someone from people did not rise from the earth yet, still continues flounders in the earth, someone else at children`s age, and here those who are more adult, - already tries to be engaged in a reproduction in earlier established order (the artist fairly believed that two old men cannot inhabit all earth).

This history comes to the end with the anthem of human firmness:

Firm we a sort, in any work tempered

I is demonstrable itself what our beginning was!

These words, obviously, concerned to people who were formed of stones. Perhaps, and the first generations of these, if I may say so, of “stone abortions“ were very strong and strong. Over time from generation to generation the human race weakened and weakened.

And what came now to...