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“The best assistant“ to Sergey Gerasimov.

Oganesyan Heinrich Bardukhmiosovich (on September 1, 1918, Yerevan - on December 2, 1964, Moscow) - the famous director, the screenwriter.

Heinrich Oganesyan: what our life?

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Heinrich Oganesyan who shot all the favourite movie “Three Plus Two“ lived short life. He died at peak of glory, having remained in memory of people not only as the talented film director, but also very cheerful person.

Conquest of Moscow was the purpose. And this purpose in Heinrich Oganesyan`s representation - the young trainee of the Yerevan theater of Sundukyan - was equated to conquest of the world.

It went to the capital with grandiose plans, but, alas, from the first it was not succeeded to arrive on director`s faculty of the VGIK. However for the sake of cinema young and ambitious Oganesyan was ready for all. Then - that specific actor`s experience was also useful to it,

gained in Yerevan … there was a war. In theater of Sundukyana Heinrich every evening efficiently inspected windows and doors regarding observance of a blackout and, having severely thrown watchmen: “On a post not to sleep!“, left in the garden adjoining theater. Here the whole representation was developed. He ran across from a tree to a tree, lay down in a grass, allegedly hiding, carefully looked back. Naturally, all this could not take cover from eyes of the militiaman on point duty who had a thought at once - “The Spy!“ Have Oganesyan shadowed, and then arrested. But on interrogation Heinrich with an innocent look declared that he is the actor of theater of Sundukyana rehearsing the role … Incredibly, but it was released.

In Moscow after unsuccessful attempt of receipt Oganesyan was to Sergey Gerasimov and, having declared that he is the best assistant for such great director, demanded to employ him. Certainly, Gerasimov tried to get off the importunate impostor quicker. “I shoot the movie about Ivan Susanin where historical suits are necessary. Now there is a war, and nobody will allocate kopeks for their sewing. The Bolshoi Theatre which has such suits refused to provide them. If you get to me suits, consider that you are accepted in a film crew“. There would be a task! Heinrich Oganesyan borrowed a suit and a black leather raincoat at the friend Arnaud Babadjanian and in such look was in a director`s office Big. Without a word, he gloomy inspected all, having caused unimaginable panic in the management of the theater which decided that it are a person from State security (those years they put on quite so). In a minute in an office there was only a director - the others as wind blew off. The followed Heinrich`s attack was resolute and impudent:

- What you afford? Who to you granted the right to break filmings of the state value? How you could trifle of so important question so?! Immediately dispose to send suits of the opera “Ivan Susanin“ to a film studio for a film crew of the people`s artist of the USSR Sergey Apollinariyevich Gerasimov! Only to you - 55 minutes!

The director who became green for fear rushed to phone:

- Urgently pack all suits “Ivana Susanina“!

Then, apologizing, mumbled to Heinrich:

- Everything will be. I hope that will be in time … at

- we Will look! - strictly Oganesyan looked at it and left an office … an hour Later Oganesyan rung to

from a call-box:

- Hallo! To me Sergey Gerasimov! Who asks? His best assistant! Sergey Apollinariyevich? It again I. Work to look in a window!

Film studio gate of Gorky had three trucks, up to the top loaded a requisite of the opera “Ivan Susanin“! Gerasimov was delighted. Oganesyan was accepted the assistant.

Many could envy its organizing abilities. It seemed, he managed to happen at the same time in different places and debugged film-making process with such virtuosity that he actually became the irreplaceable assistant to Sergey Apollinariyevich. Soon the persistence of the young man on achievement of the purpose was crowned with success, and it was enlisted in the VGIK on director`s faculty. And everywhere, where it was, jokes and draws were its eternal satellites, life he perceived precisely game. In the trolleybus on the road to the VGIK quietly will push around to somebody and right there will sympathetically tell: “Here what people went. Never will apologize“. Nods at the same time on nothing understanding the person with the newspaper. The one to whom Heinrich pushed around, spoke to the passenger with the newspaper: “Boor!“ - “Really to me became attached?!“ - the innocent person was indignant. “Who to whom became attached?! “ Scandal also began. And Heinrich with interest watched succession of events, sometimes inserting provocative remarks.

He practiced and such draw. At restaurant ran up to the stranger, began to grab him hand, to fray for hair, to pinch for cheeks, to poshlepyvat. Everything occurred is very noisy. When the person could not resist any more and was ready to recognize the acquaintance in Oganesyan, Heinrich calmed down and spoke: “Oh! I was mistaken, forgive!“

Oganesyan had the tremendous gift to imitate the foreign speech. Without knowing any foreign language, he quickly and with conviction could “speak“ in English, in French, in Spanish etc. Once in buffet of the VGIK intelligent ladies, teachers of foreign languages sat at the next little table, and talked in English. Heinrich began to say tirades, imitating the English speech. Ladies strained. The pause followed. Then one of them addressed Heinrich in English. He unperturbably admitted:

- I do not know language.

- Do not deceive me, - the lady objected. - I all the same will not believe you!

And here in Russian Heinrich spoke with strong accent. But all well understood it. It classified people so: “udobn“ and “not udobn“. These a lot of things defined in his life … And from “not an udobna“ there could be some trick.

In 1954 Oganesyan graduated from the external VGIK. Within several years, working on various movies, it slowly approached the first independent work which became the movie “Crumbling Adventures“ on Rybakov`s story. The movie made grandiose success - in hire the picture brought together 19,2 million viewers. By the way, played a role Crumbling Nikolay Tomashevsky, the son of the second wife of Heinrich of Marina, thanks to the movie became incredibly popular. In the same movie the first leading role at cinema was played by Nikita Mikhalkov.

After this Oganesyan undertook the screen version of the comedy of Sergey Mikhalkov “Savages“. The director`s talent and intuition prompted to it that simple transferring of the play on the screen will be banal. He decided to try young actors - Andrey Mironov, Gennady Nilov, Evgeny Zharikov, Natalya Fateeva, Natalya Kustinskaya. Actors rehearsed in the evenings, and the atmosphere of love, extreme gallantry in relation to girls in itself was reflected in work. Children gushed forth hokhma, draws, many of which “laid down“ on a film. In the same place the phrases which became subsequently winged that cost only were born: “You represent, Jackson was a woman! “ The atmosphere of a spontaneity and a freedom created by Oganesyan on a shooting stage turned the movie into an infinite series of kind and cheerful jokes the director who played a bit part of the waiter in restaurant also participated in one of which. In two and a half months the comedy “Three Plus Two“ was finished shooting and soon came out. The success of the movie was deafening - in hire it brought together 35 million viewers! Young actors became the real stars, and Fateeva with Kustinskaya - sex - symbols. After an exit of a picture of Heinrich Oganesyan often wore out inquiries who is pleasant to it more - the blonde Kustinskaya or the brunette Fateeva? He steadily with characteristic Armenian accent laughed the matter off: “They both … are not pleasant to me!“ Everything spoke very simply: Heinrich Oganesyan adored the wife Marina, and on shooting stages of novels did not get. It seemed, at the talented director, the cheerful and cheerful person still ahead. But the destiny disposed differently … Soon after the movie “Three Plus Two“ Oganesyan was

seriously ill. He died from cancer at home, in the apartment on the Old Arbat. Marina Tomashevskaya called Nami Mikoyan (Anastas Mikoyan`s daughter-in-law) and told that Heinrich very much wants a Sevan trout. There is it could not any more, but wanted to touch a favourite delicacy at least. Nami, having an opportunity to order products on special base, got it and brought …

on December 2, 1964 Heinrich Oganesyan did not become. He died on rise of the career, without having managed to realize also the 100-th share of the fact that wanted and could … We forever had its movies, such warm, sincere, witty and ridiculous that, undoubtedly, will be loved not by one more generation of the audience … And still there was in human memory a bright person turning and the, and others life in fascinating, cheerful game. That then was what to remember.


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Improbable jokes of the film director Heinrich Oganesyan.

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Once he played the whole performance. Only present: there is at a bus stop pronounced Armenian. Not so shaven, hairy and nervously smokes a cigarette. The bus approaches, it extinguishes a leg a cigarette, but does not sit down but only waves following a hand. At the stop following along a route the same. At the fifth stop the people in the bus already began to be interested that occurs. And actually nothing occurred: he just got into the car, overtook the bus and at a stop lit.


Heinrich Oganesyan was on friendly terms with Arnaud Babadjanian, they had the general friend, the young violinist who played expensive ancient violin which was not belonging to him - it was property of the republic of Armenia. And here Heinrich instigated Arnaud to buy a cheap violin and, having changed expensive violin for it, to hit with it on a forehead of their friend. And made. Heinrich played quarrel, Arnaud grabbed a violin and knocked it on the head the violinist. The violin broke. The violinist fainted.

- What you made! - G. Oganesyan cried - I did not change a violin!

Arnaud fainted.

- Vakh - G. Oganesyan disappointedly told - Jokes are not understood …