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Man and Woman. Why we are necessary each other?

would Seem, the answer is obvious - to a reproduction … to

But the modern person, for certain, is what to add to it.

Differently why we with such frenzy for years would look for “the half“, to continue a sort to choose enough the carrier of the best genetic properties, among those who under review.

Differently from where different “minorities“ would undertake, and the world for today civilized recognized their right for existence - the reproduction precisely initially did not enter their task.

Differently why someone continues to need in each other and after “a posterity departure from a patrimonial nest“. Otherwise, why, apparently, harmonious in the intimate plan, couples through some time stop being are interesting each other. The pleasure from the mechanical “process“ with the specific person is strongly supplemented with empathy, a spirit if you want, the word from the last century “love“. Though, apparently, all physical prerequisites are identical.

So, all - is necessary for us from each other? Well, not children and not sex are precisely. More true - it is, of course, too, but it is only small part of a difficult chain of interrelations between us which forces us again and again “to open soul“ for casual acquaintances, to hang on the Internet in deep searches, with hope in eyes to look at fellow travelers in public transport and new fellow workers, “to light“ at tiresome parties in night clubs and to trudge on trainings on self-knowledge.

What it we look for and we find only in representatives of an opposite sex if we find in general?



If you, as well as I, feel subconsciously that in this question not all is so unambiguous and practical, I suggest to join my researches on this burning topic and, perhaps, we will find answers to questions of our unity and contrasts.

the Set of treatises on this subject could not put the end to disputes. Opponents in the opinions run up from fantastic “Men from Mars, Women from Venus“, to cynically - biological “The love is necessary that to grow up cubs“.