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How much is a cat - the spy? History of an acoustic kitten

the Movie “Cats against Dogs“ visually proves that our pets it is necessary to check not only for fleas and ticks, but also for the maintenance of any espionage devices. But it in the movie and whether it is possible to turn the purring wool lump into the agent of intelligence agencies?

We will look at first at representatives of opposite camp - dogs. They work in the sphere of safety long ago. Customs services, departments of fight against drugs, services of rescue - all of them anywhere without dogs. And cats walk in itself meanwhile and visit after a new portion of a forage (or to spoil in a tray or a slipper). Unless here Yury Kuklachev has representatives of cat`s are engaged in socially significant activity. Other cats - vainglorious idlers - egoists and parasites on a body of society.

And what potential! Where you want will creep where you want will climb up, and brains are - will not take away it. No, such good cannot vanish. Approximately the staff of CIA at the beginning of 60 so argued - x, conceiving the project the Acoustic kitten (Acoustic Kitty). Already from the name it was possible to guess that the experimental cat will be engaged in interception of negotiations of the probable opponent, that is the USSR. No, the cat was not tried to be trained in human language, and then to present to the secretary general of the Central Committee of CPSU. All it was far more gloomy (for a cat).

The department of Science and Technology of CIA was engaged in equipment and training of a cat. His experts found a way how to turn an animal into the live listening device. I recommend to owners and fans of cats to cease to read article, having reached the description of manipulations with a cat. The cat endured not the most pleasant operations. He, probably, would prefer daily surgical castration rather, than all this. The transmitter and batteries were implanted in an animal, and the antenna passed through a tail. The brain of an animal was necessary a little too... to change that the cat did not feel feeling of hunger. The last had to be made as, having got hungry, the animal forgot about a debt to the homeland and began to look for food. After operation of a cat fed already violently that did not starve.

The service of a cat in CIA was short. After trainings it was let out on a lawn near the Soviet embassy in Washington... And in a couple of minutes the cat was to death hit by the taxi passing by. The project cost 20 million dollars. And it is not today`s pieces of paper of the State Bank of USA, but the real money. Experts from archive of national security of the USA are uniform in opinion that the cat all the same would not stretch long after what with it was made.

The former officer of CIA Victor Marchett (Victor Marchetti) told in interview to journalists: “They literally cut it in half, pushed inside all these devices and sewed back. They created the monster“.

The sad story of a cat - the spy ended quite successfully for creators of the project. Their work was rewarded. The management of CIA noted: “The done work reflects a huge contribution of our employees whose energy and imagination can be an example for all pioneers of science“.

On casual coincidence in a year when the Acoustic Kitten project ended with a failure, the British movie “The Spy with a Cold Nose“ where the major role was played by the dog “equipped“ for shadowing “empire of evil“ came out (it is besides the USSR if who is not aware). In total - sometimes it is worth leaving art fiction on that side of the screen.