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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 16 - 17? “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2“, etc.

Actually, the list of novelties of this week is not important at all. Them can be five (so much and is actually), and there could be also fifteen, but a situation, neither that, nor other deal to change not in forces.

The matter is that to screens of the world and Russia in particular there is a final part of the epic saga about adventures of the four-eyes botanist Harry Potter which premiere promises to break all records of attendance, marketability and recognition.

The company to the main megablockbuster of summer of 2011 - go will be kept by two American tapes - the fighter “Payment“ with participation of Australian Sam Uortingtona and the horror film “Task“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2“ (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, 2011)

By estimates of the western companies, on evening sessions of Friday July 15 when house hire of the last series of Potteriana officially begins, is already sold tickets for 25 million dollars. The second part of “Deathly Hallows“ is quite seriously adjusted to fight for a rank of the most successful start following the results of Friday and days off in general. Meanwhile records on these temporary intervals belong to the second part of “Twilight“ and “The dark knight“ respectively.

The first part of the movie of David Yates surely swept on movie theaters in November. Despite the lack of a three-dimensional format popular now, the first half of “Deathly Hallows“ almost crawled to one billion dollars. In November from - for technical problems creators did not manage to release full 3D - the version of a tape therefore general meeting was decided to refuse “the crude volume“ in principle. The second movie will be available to the audience both in 3D - points, and without it.

I will remind that November “Deathly Hallows“ ended on a minor note. After short-term captivity in Lyutsius Malfoy`s mansion, heroes (Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione and Poluna saved by them from an imprisonment) managed to transgressirovat on an ocean coast, however at the same time the kind elf Dobby died. At the same time the bearing malice Flounce - - Mort reached by the first the first “gift of death“ - powerful elder of the stick hidden in Dumbledore`s grave.

Considering that this picture is a wreath of ten-year history of transfer of books of Joanne Rowling on the big screen, certainly, second “Deathly Hallows“ rivet on themselves attention of the audience of the whole world. At least because it is one of the most successful screen versions for all history of cinema.

2. “Payment“ (The Debt, 2010)

I will note

At once that “Harry Potter“ is the only movie this week released directly in 2011. All other “novelties“ - last year`s, as well as John Madden`s thriller “Payment“ (not to confuse to the picture of the same name with Mel Gibson`s participation 1999 of release).

Agents of “Mossad“ already became the main characters of other movie. The speech, by itself, about “Munich“ Steven Spielberg. From there, by the way, Irish Kiaran Hinds who liked to act as the agent of the Israeli intelligence agencies removed to “Payment“.

In this case both the subject is simpler, and the director a bit worse. John Madden earned a world fame by the tape “Shakespeare In Love“ which is considered as one of the most overestimated pictures of the ninetieth years of the last century. At least, the Oscar received by the movie in 1999 when “Shakespeare In love“ bypassed a spilbergovsky military masterpiece on turn “To rescue the private Ryan“ and the Italian drama “Life Is Fine“, still it is considered wrong.

Action of “Payment“ happens in two temporary zones. In the past where young intelligence agents look for the dangerous nazi surgeon, and in the present when the past comes back to the grown old heroes, and on a surface the unknown and ominous facts emerge hitherto.

3. “Task“ (The Task, 2010)

the Next clone of “Saw“ seriously looks like the Russian trash of “S. S. D. Again before us the group of youth participating in a reality - show. For the sake of glory, for the sake of money (20 thousand dollars to everyone who will cope with all “tasks“) and for the sake of adrenaline (to worry night in the thrown prison is to you not the field to pass). By itself that the initial plan of creators of show and its participants goes to pieces when the foreign character, the gloomy and ominous murderer living on ruins of correctional facility puts in the course of shootings.

Absolute secondary kintso. Again tortures, spiteful clowns, teenagers, stupid to impossibility, tasty and bloody murders and full set of stamps of youth zhutik. I do not recommend to watch this at cinema. Waste of money.

4. “I saw the Devil“ (Akmareul boatda, 2010)

In South Korean cinema the rating system differs from the American “a little“. What at them (in South Korea) is shown on ordinary sessions in the USA can not hold on to hire at all. However, not only in the USA, in Russia a new tape of the Korean Kim Zhi Oona is also issued in limited access. First of all, from - for abundances of cruelty, violence and the small number of judges of Asian cinema in our country.

The director “Good, bad, dolbanuty“ decided to come on the territory of “Oldboya“, having borrowed from there, by the way, the chief actor - Min - Xik Choi. “Oldby“ - recognized classics, the cult thriller, at the moment reanimiruyemy in Hollywood. It is no secret that many compatriots want to repeat success Pak Chkhan - an uka. Here and “I saw the Devil“ is removed in a manner of horror peculiar to it and despair, telling about opposition of the staunch police officer and maniac, each of which does not intend to recede in deadly fight.

The picture was well estimated by both critics, and the audience (IMDb rating - 7,8 that for the Korean tape just fine result). And, in principle, is for what. In Hollywood such thrillers forcing to seize literally a chair from tension are not shot for a long time. Since Hitchcock and De Palma. And Koreans still can.

5. “Whom I more“ (Cosa voglio di piu, 2010)


On snack the representative of the Italian cinema which finally passed recently to “toothless“ cinema: unpretentious comedies, tupenky detectives and the emasculated melodramas. The tape of the director Silvio Soldini concerns to the last. Typical love triangle: he, she and all others, not persons interested to recognize communication of the married woman on the party. The Italian picture wins only against other debutants of week, the majority of whom tell gloomy and bloody stories. On - very average hand-made article, without special claims. Actually, there will also be the Italian melodrama only at the limited number of movie theaters.

We will sum up the results. Only the American spy thriller “Payment“ can become alternative to Harry Potter`s adventures in final part of “Deathly Hallows“. At least, at Madden`s tape very strong cast, besides Uortington and Hinds Helen Mirren and brilliant Tom Wilkinson are involved in a tape. The South Korean thriller “I Saw the Devil“ - very specific product and who wanted to look at it already made it.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2“ will dominate on screens of Russia up to the end of July when at movie theaters there is the next summer blockbuster - new installation of the marvelovsky comic book about the Captain America “The first avenger“. And also the long-awaited drama with disgraced Mel Gibson “Beaver“.