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Who are you, Mrs. Deng Myordok?

Get acquainted, Wendy Deng Myordok! The official (third) wife of the billionaire Rupert Myordok, and informally - the real governor of media - empires of News Corp.

Wendy Deng has very interesting biography. She was born in China in well provided family (her father was plant manager). Diligently studied at school as, probably, all Chinese girls do. Perfectly played volleyball. After school came to medical college.

During study Wendy got acquainted with Jake Cherry who was the employee of UNICEF. Jake and his wife began to teach the girl to English. Further spouses Cherry promoted obtaining the student`s visa to Wendy that it could go to study to the USA - to the Californian university. There will live Wendy in the Cherry family.

However, the family will break up soon - Jake will throw the wife for the sake of the young Chinese woman. The novel between Jake and Wendy will be found thanks to several pictures of lovers which the unfaithful spouse will take in hotel, and then these photos will catch sight Mrs. Cherry. Hm who could leave these pictures in a visible place? At that time to Jake Cherry was 53, Wendy - 21 years.

But Jake and Wendy`s marriage will last not for long too: already later half a year the predator will find to herself the new man - David Vulf. It is more senior than the girl of everything for few years. Will fool the husband of Wendy more than two years, but at last Jake Cherry will begin to see clearly and will demand divorce.

However, romance novels - not end in itself for the ambitious “come in large numbers“ Chinese woman. Changing lovers, she manages to come to Yale and to receive MBA degree in 1996 (at the age of 27 years). After that Wendy goes to Hong Kong. During flight she meets... No, not Myordok, but Bruce Churchill working at Star TV TV channel. With its help Wendy receives the place of the trainee in media - holding. And here two years later the trainee Wendy will meet the director Rupert with whom she will begin the novel, despite almost forty-year age difference. In 1999 - m Myordok will get divorced from the second wife that in two weeks to marry Wendy Deng.

Deng, according to the American journalists, operates all empire of the husband. It is characterized as imperious, cynical, rigid and greedy. One of bloggers wrote: “You heard nothing about Wendy Deng? It because you have nothing that it is interesting to it!“ Without having even an official position in the company, Wendy Deng conducts negotiations with cable TV channels, starts expensive projects (for example, failure MySpace China). I will risk to assume, as to do the Internet - editions available on a paid subscription - her idea.

Speak, the true name is revealed by essence. Originally the name of Deng was Wenge that on - Chinese is meant by “cultural revolution“. What cultural revolution prepares for us Rupert Myordok`s wife? It is ready to assume absolutely fantastic version. The plot of the movie “Solt“ with Angelina Jolie (too not the Turgenev young lady, it is necessary to notice) tells about the “sleeping“ Soviet spies. Perhaps and Deng - zaslanets of the Chinese intelligence agencies? Someone in blogs and at forums claims that it even has a party membership card of communist party of China, and the woman does not leave it.

However, it is already rumors and conjectures. By the way, Wendy is the vegetarian. Who could think!