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Lions. What they?

Lions happen different. I would allocate three main groups Lviv, considering position of other planets in a birth horoscope, except the Sun.

The first group - Lions - crayfish when many planets are in Cancer. Such Lev is excessively sentimental, whining and coward, but this very good situation for the woman - lionesses, especially, if at it the Moon is in water signs or she was born in the first half of lunar month. To such lioness, rather good education and education to learn to operate the emotions and extremes of the ego.

Under the phrase - good situation for the woman, I mean that such woman has all potential opportunities for realization of as harmonious the personality. Any woman, cannot feel happy if she did not realize herself as the wife and mother. Professional realization and realization of in society are only a consolation prize. Everything is very simple - if was born the woman, then it is necessary to carry out the female program if was born the man, carry out the man`s program. The woman with the Sun in Lev and planets in Cancer, especially if Venus in Cancers, without strong family and children cannot feel happy.

At the Lion sign the main keywords - children, love, creativity. The lioness can always creatively be realized through children.

The second group - Lions - maidens. In a horoscope of the birth there are a lot of planets in a terrestrial sign - the Maiden. Good position of planets, both for men, and for women. It gives call of duty, congenital ability to finish the begun affairs, purity of thoughts and wisdom which Lions with planets in Lev, gain generally to the middle of life.

Lions with planets in the Maiden are good heads of the medium-sized and large enterprises. Often about such people speak - “the person who made himself“. Passing of various psychological trainings on leadership for such Lviv will bring the maximum effect. But any of such trainings will seem to them not rather strong.

In principle Lions do not take themselves for a ride feelings where Venus and the Moon dominate. In their sign these planets are not shown in any way. But are more clear to Lions with planets in a sign of the Maiden and Cancer of feeling of mercy and compassion.

And true Lions treat the third group. The sun and some more planets in a horoscope of the birth are in the Lion sign.

When Lev is only born, he positions himself in life the phrase - “I rule!“ . And who brings up young lions, face it in different manifestations. It is not necessary to fight against it! The strong will of parents will be able to break identity of the child. To break the easiest a young lion with planets in Cancer. Pathetic and coward Lev will grow up. If there are a lot of planets in the Maiden, then there will be too obedient and boring Lev in a consequence it will be difficult for them to reveal, it is especially bad for boys.

“I rule!“, “I sun!“ - it is an essence and dignity of the people who were born under the sign of Lev. Proceeding from the essence, for example, the Sagittarius does not accept the word - “enough“, and the Aries does not accept the word - it “is impossible“.

Lion (lioness) has to shine and shine. True Lev creativity and love shines from within. To women it as the Sun God, cannot refuse the love. Their quantity, of course, has to be big. Children are a natural result of shine and love given to the world, a product of his creativity therefore he loves them all and lawful and not really. But Lev always has to live in a family.

For all Lviv self-realization and awareness of the identity, very important point in life.

What makes Lviv princes, tsars, Pharaohs and other reigning persons? Why, Lions gain trust and recognition of masses at once?

People feel safe for bright, kind, creative, clever, conscious the acting leader. It gives to Lions the Sun, but a bigger weight in recognition by leaders Lviv, gives them Pluton. In Lev Pluton`s sign ekzaltirut. In Lev the best qualities of Pluto - ability to lead masses, not to become puzzled in extreme situations are shown. Pluton in combination with the Sun gives Lions huge internal and physical strength.

Pluton contains many secrets and forces which we will not concern in this article. Pluton gives Lions strength of magicians, and the Sun healing gift. The combination of these two forces probably also generated the known saying among astrologers - “that at the Scorpion from strain, at Lev from surplus“.

Lions do not fly behind illusive dreams or ideas they live here and now, they perfectly feel terrestrial values. And even if will be fond excessively of love, creativity or the generosity, they can easily be returned to reality.

Here what they are different these Lions!

And young lions who will be born this year with 23. 07. 11 on 23. 08. 11, will be tender, attached to the parents, to have many talents which will be able to show. They will brightly like to put on. Feelings of patriotism will always get a response in their souls. They will not differ in special ingenuity and will not have scientific mentality, but all with pleasure will listen to them. They will never be satisfied with what has already been achieved, but in it and there will be the main mission of their life - only forward! Life on a limit of human forces and opportunities.