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Porridge - our force. How to weld it?

Presently when the majority of the products sold in supermarkets are sated with various chemical additives for long storage and “improvement“ of taste, natural remain generally only grain. Many returned to this food, traditional for Russia. Perhaps, from - for it so buckwheat rose in price? Therefore recommendations of how it is correct to cook porridge, will be quite pertinent now.

It is useful to young hostesses to know that in preparation of porridge very large role is played by quality of water. Rather tasty and fragrant porridge can be cooked only on soft water. The matter is that various salts which are contained in hard water remain in razvarenny grain weight and spoil its taste. It is the best of all to replace tap water on more suitable - spring, or, as a last resort, defended or prokipyachenny. Generally, it is worth getting the modern household filter which provides sufficient extent of water purification.

It is correctly possible to cook porridge and in a different way: approximately half to boil thoroughly grain, then water to merge, add a little milk to weight and to bring on fire to full readiness.

It is possible to improve taste of porridge also when it is cooked on vodno - dairy or vodno - oil mix. Thereby hardness of water are softened and conditions for fuller thermal treatment of grain are created.

We will give several recipes of preparation of porridges checked by time. Let`s tell at first as it is correct to cook buckwheat cereal. the Recipe of buckwheat cereal with mushrooms

Mushrooms wash out

, small cut, slightly fry on butter, lay in a pan with a thick bottom, fill in with boiled water, pour buckwheat, salt and you cook on slow fire. Clear onions, small cut, fry on butter till golden color. Mix ready porridge with onions.

For preparation of porridge it is possible to take any fresh edible fungi including champignons. Porridge will be more tasty if to fry unground buckwheat before cooking on a dry frying pan.

Ingredients: on 2 glasses of buckwheat - 300 g of fresh mushrooms, 200 g of onions, 4 glasses of water, 2 - 3 tablespoons of oil, salt to taste. the Recipe of buckwheat cereal according to the grandmother`s recipe

Grain slightly calcinate

on a dry frying pan, add some butter and fry a little, constantly stirring slowly before emergence of a tasty smell. Track that grain did not burn slightly. Pour the fried grain into a pan with a thick bottom, fill in with the boiling milk, salt, close a cover and you cook on small fire to readiness.

Wipe cottage cheese through a sieve, mix it with granulated sugar and sour cream, connect to ready porridge, add raisin and mix. Lay the prepared mix in the oiled frying pan, water from above with the kindled butter and bake in an oven before emergence of a crisp crust.

Ingredients: on 150 g of buckwheat - 150 g of butter, 200 g of cottage cheese, 100 g of sour cream, 0,5 l of milk, 150 g of granulated sugar, 50 g of raisin, salt to taste.

the Recipe of millet cereal with cottage cheese

Carefully we wash out millet until it does not become pure and flavourless, and water transparent. It will be correct to drench grain with boiled water finally. Then we will boil water, we will add some salt and we will pour the washed-out millet. We cook to semi-readiness, we add butter, granulated sugar and cottage cheese. We mix everything and we bring millet to readiness. To this porridge it is good to give milk, kefir or curdled milk.

Ingredients: on 1 glass of millet - 2,5 glasses of water, 1 glass of cottage cheese, 50 g of butter, granulated sugar and salt to taste.

Now - rice porridge: as there came the summer, will cook porridge with pumpkin and apples. the Recipe of rice porridge with pumpkin

Pumpkin clear

, cut pieces, fill in with milk and you cook to semi-readiness. Then put the rice which is washed up in hot water in pumpkin, salt and sweeten with granulated sugar a little. Cover a pan with pumpkin and rice and you cook everything on weak fire to full readiness. Serve ready rice porridge with oil or jam.

On 1 kg of pumpkin - 1 glass of rice, 1 l of milk, salt, oil, sugar to taste. the Recipe of rice porridge with apples

Apples wash up

, clear of a peel, small cut and sprinkle lemon juice that did not darken. Wet raisin in boiled water for 10 minutes. Mix apples with raisin, strew with cinnamon and mix. Pour rice into the added some salt boiled water and you cook on weak fire to semi-readiness then cast away on a colander and wash out.

Now take a baking pan and layers lay in it the prepared products. At first the third part of rice, then a half of apples and raisin, strew them with 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar, then again rice, apples, raisin and sugar. From above cover with the remained rice. Level the received construction and put from above butter pieces. Bake under a cover in an oven at a temperature of 130 ° about half an hour. Then uncover, but leave porridge in an oven for 5 minutes before formation of a ruddy crust. Serve ready porridge with cream or sour cream.

On 1 glass of rice - 2 apple, a raisin half-glass, a cinnamon pinch, 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons of oil.

Here and so, the squash is good and the cup is small! Whatever you may say, and porridge is - teeth are not necessary.