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Pension - the finish or start of new opportunities?

Most of people wait for the coming anniversary with double feeling. On the one hand - rather pension, all - it is not necessary to go to work, and with another - fear of uselessness, any completeness. It is necessary to tell that psychologically not prepared “young“ pensioners take hard the period of adaptation to new life when more alarm clock is not necessary, plans and reports consigned to the past of a RAM.

And meanwhile life goes on and as a lot of stuff still it is necessary to remake and do that favorite thing for which there was eternally not enough time! And, perhaps, only on pension really the person also reveals.

Psychologists claim, the that fond, looking for, creative natures live longer, their biological age is less than passport. Often such active people already at a retirement age master a new profession or find a fascinating hobby.

One such uncommon person - Drills Valery Alekseevich - lives in Dnipropetrovsk. He was born in Kharkiv in 1939 in a family of workers. Parents made out ability to painting in the child and defined in children`s art school of Repin. He still with gratitude remembers the principal Akishina Anna Ivanovna who in every possible way helped to master elements of picturesque skill and predicted to the boy future of the portraitist.

But life disposed in a different way. Valery Alekseevich graduated in “zootechnics“, defended the master`s thesis. Being Candidate of Biology, graduates from the Moscow veterinary academy.

Devoted all work to scientific work in the field of animal husbandry, worked as the associate professor at agrouniversity. Has more than 300 scientific publications, it is a lot of patents.

But ruthless time prevails. Sight worsened, do not obey a leg. It is heavier and heavier to stand at department and to carry out eksperement on animals. The correct decision - to leave work, but not on rest, and for new work is made.

Thanks to active living position, eternal creative flight of soul and thought, transition from privichny, years of the settled tenor of life was not burdened by depressions and melancholy.

Brushes, the paints and an easel which were so long waiting in the wings get. Found albums with reproductions, books on painting art. Valery Alekseevich in the days stays in the big room converted into a workshop behind an easel and landscapes of the native land, a face of people close to it come to life on cloths.

In two years so many works were created that was enough for the organization of a personal exhibition in the Dnipropetrovsk House of scientists. The exposition was noticed by the press, television. Kind, kind responses were an incitement for development new the technician of the letter.

During the summer period Valery Alekseevich often on a morning dawn leaves on “Zhiguli“ on etudes in the field, to wonderful Dnieper or on next the street where he saw the interesting house.

Valery Alekseevich gives away the works to acquaintances, friends and relatives and sincerely believes that his pictures bring good and joy. Health to it and new works, not necessarily professional, but bright, warm and joyful.