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What gnaws Rupert Myordok?

Something is not fine in News Corp. - media - Rupert Myordok`s empires. Scandals with wiretap of the queen of Great Britain, unsuccessful attempts of monetization the Internet - editions, quarrel with the financier Soros, multimillion claims, loss of advertisers. It is direct it is a pity for the old man!

At first all went quite naturally. Paper editions died out and more - migrated in the Internet less successfully. The scheme of earnings in the Global network very simple: advertizing. Media, contextual, stateyny (it both frank paid journalism, and honest articles with a mark “as advertizing“), a little bit video.

When few years ago Rupert Myordok exorcized about paid access to the Internet - to editions, all quickly wrote down the magnate in mad and only laughed. It is quite strange that Myordok chose such way of earnings. Even the paper press existed always due to advertizing. Retail price of the newspaper or magazine did not pay back also a third of costs of production. As many times it is less costs of maintenance of the website, than on contents of the edition, an opportunity for earnings on only one advertizing appeared.

At the same time the stubborn old man brought the matter to the logical end. Such newspapers as The Times, The Sun, The Australian, became paid in online. At the same time results were estimated is inconsistent: wrote about losses of part of audience, reported that the same Times earned on online - a subscription more, than before it was possible to receive for advertizing.

It is quite simple to close access to content: to forbid searchers to index the information websites, and on portals to enter paid registration. It is necessary to tell that mister Myordok spoke about it long ago, but long did not take any actions, giving one hypothetical business - model for another.

But ice started and Rubicon was passed. The part of the empire faded into “background“, having hidden from ubiquitous robots of Google. I will repeat that estimates of efficiency of a monetary subscription are inconsistent. It is clear - if today five million people paid 10 dollars for the monthly subscription, then not the fact that all five million will pay also for following. Stephen King still in 90 - e put experiences on online - a subscription for network novels and did not succeed. Perhaps, the best proof that the Internet is a concourse of cheapskates (which also the author of these lines treats).

But estimates by estimates, and recent events threaten to give fat up as a bad job several yellow editions entering News Corp. After scandal with wiretap of telephone numbers by employees of the newspaper many companies made the decision, very heavy for Myordok`s empire, - not to place advertizing on pages of its websites. Add to it reduction of number of subscribers and gain very negative effect.

Capitalization of News Corp. it was reduced by 7 billion dollars. Shares of the company in a week lost 14 percent. After this News Corp. declared start of the program for redemption of stocks for the total amount of five billion dollars. Start of the program is planned for the second half of August. Quarrel with shareholders was an incitement to such act - those threaten to fill up Myordok with claims. The number of advertisers - refuseniks grows, and not only in England where there was a scandal, but also beyond its limits. On the open Internet rumors and news extend instantly.

Action of the editor Andy Coulson and other employees of the News of the World newspaper on interception of politicians, celebrities and (God bless her!) Queen Elizabeth II, most likely, are a personal initiative of collective, but are very indicative for all holding: doing the information closed, Myordok`s companies impudently steal information on private life of other people.