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What is political KVN? Part 2

Surprising row. Criminal chronicles.

The chronicle of incidents for the last week. All coincidence of names in the chronicle is absolutely casual. are detained by

On a border check-point of Torfyanovk for smuggling of honey of the spouse of Taburina. It is known that they are world champions of 2010 in eating of this delicacy. The customs decided that the honey which is taken out by spouses has no necessary certificates. And as mister Taburin proved that honey is grown up on its apiary and his hands, the customs did not authorize export. “Possibly, not those people were treated with the medical lump“, - the chief of a customs post maliciously noticed. What madam Taburina answered that she will deal with it and “with all this caught stealing power“ in court of the city of Strasbourg.

At Manezhnaya Square citizens Korkina and Habayeva are detained for game in “a stone, scissors, paper“ on an undressing. The police squad which arrived to Manezhka within half an hour could not get to the scene from - for crowds of the men of mainly Caucasian appearance who surrounded players and loud shouts them encouraging. Citizens Korkina and Habayeva are brought to administrative responsibility for gamblings in the public place.

On Tverskaya Street somebody was stopped Minronov bearing a big chair of handwork in hands. On questions of police he explained that he worked as the mechanic, then the director earlier. Now again mechanic. But decided to give a management chair to nobody and to carry away it to itself home. Criminal case upon plunder is brought.

Security guards of one capital shopping center detained for theft of a large consignment of cheesecakes with raisin the citizen Champen registered in Volgograd. On a question of protection why to it it is so much cheesecakes, the detained citizen of distinct explanations could not give. But frightened the staff of the center by a certain high patron. Having counted the damage caused to shopping center, small security guards released the citizen Champen wherever one wishes.

At Red Square the hooligan act was made. Somebody Zyuzanov tried to accept in pioneers of the actors representing there Nicholas II, Lenin and Stalin. Actors refused it, motivating with the fact that they should earn money, but not to be engaged in any nonsense. The upset Zyuzanov as a result of the started fight beat out tooth to Nicholas II and damaged a tailbone to Lenin. The hooligan is brought to police.

In attempt without ticket to get into movie theater Pushkin on day display of the movie “Burnt by the Sun - 2“ the citizen Himalkov was detained. He explained that he follows from Shepetovka through the capital to Orenburg and, wishing to have a sleep several hours, chose the movie with the smallest number of the viewers. After short altercations the citizen Himalkov nevertheless bought the ticket for a session and was passed in a cinema hall.

On the Old Arbat in pet-shop on system of video surveillance somebody was noticed Greblov. He inclined over aquariums and whispered to the goldfishes floating there for sale: “Here you do not fit for discussions. Ø - ø - sh“. The citizen Greblov was sent from pet-shop to institute Serbian for carrying out independent examination.

Near the White House on Berezhkovskaya Embankment the citizen Mentsov was stopped by the staff of the FSO. He tried to pass on the territory of a government complex with words: “Let me, it is my house“. The staff of the FSO, having checked documents of the citizen, advised it to go in a place of registration to the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

In attempt to pass through turnstiles at metro station October - radial under the counterfeit ticket the citizen Chudov was detained. At a search in its apartment the whole laboratory on production of fakes was found. There was a big arsenal from false tickets for a concert of Skorpiony group to coupons on food in table academy FSB. Most likely, the whole gang works here, solved a consequence and arrested the citizen of Chudovo.

At the Belarusian station in attempt to sell a bag of potato the citizen of Belarus certain Kulashenko was detained. He explained to the investigator - the investigator that he has to go urgently to Minsk, but there is not enough money for the ticket from - for recent a default. Considering good relations between two fraternal peoples, the investigator released Kulashenko with words: “Report, the father, hi to Glafira Semenovna living near Gomel. This is my former mother-in-law“.

And, finally, announcement.

The meat combine “Popular front“ began to add a liver to raw smoked sausage. Be very attentive and careful upon purchase of production of this combine!