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Whether there are obvious favourites and outsiders in the First Division?

the first circle of draw of FNL ended on April 12. It would be desirable to sum up the results and to find out whether really the subelite division is so unpredictable and has no obvious favourites as many experts spoke.

We will begin with leaders. Vladikavkaz “Alania“ which was considered and is considered the main favourite of superiority began the championship with three victories in succession with really impressive joint account - 10:0. Under distribution got Vladimir “Torpedo“, “Nizhny Novgorod“ which, by the way, together with “Alania“ wins first place in standings and the debutant of superiority, and in combination also the main opening of it, Krasnoyarsk “Yenisei“. Then the three-match winless streak followed, and then “Alania“ began to play more steadily, gave a series without defeats during twelve matches, having sensationally conceded only in the last game of the first circle with Astrakhan “the Native of the Volga region - Gazprom“. But the team from the Caucasus did not become the sole leader of tournament though the task was to come to a season in the Prime minister - League from the first place.

As for “Nizhny Novgorod“ which as I already spoke above, shares the first line with “Alania“, team of the beginning a season not so brightly, as their neighbors in the table: victories alternated with defeats, bright matches - with ordinary-looking. For example, after two victories “citizens“ suddenly lost to “Ural“ with a devastating score 1:5, and before the fans. But after this match Novgorodians almost in all the games won a victory that helped them to take the present place.

“Mordovia“ and “Yenisei“ show sharp, attacking, and, the most important, stable game and by right hold the third and fourth place respectively.

Then there are “KAMAZ“, “Ural“ and “Shinnik“. Teams show quite good game, but, unlike the first four clubs, not such stable.

“Siberia“ which many fans expected closes the eight of the best teams to see at least in the leading four, the team set a task of return to an elite division.

After “Siberia“, with lag in 3 points, 3 teams settled down at once: “A pearl - Sochi“, Vladimir “Torpedo“ and Khabarovsk “SKA - Energy“. As well as “Siberia“, to the Sochi team prophesied the place above present especially as the good structure in which many players were tempered the Prime minister - League and the trainer at team good - Stanislav Cherchesov was selected.

The place of Vladimir “Torpedo“, generally, is natural, the team - to the debutant of the first division has no need to jump above the head, it is necessary to be fixed, for a start, at least here.

Khabarovsk “SKA - Energy“ did not make sensation too: 9 - The 13th line is habitual for club long ago. Defeat in Far East derby only added fuel to the fire of discontent of the Khabarovsk fans, results do not impress: the task of hit in the eight is set for team in advance to be secured against a departure. If a draw in a match with “Alania“, at that time the sole leader of superiority, it is possible to refer to positive result, defeat in Yekaterinburg - to natural, then a draw in matches with Astrakhan “the Native of the Volga region - Gazprom“ belongs already to the category of negative.

Also it would be desirable to tell about “Khimki“ situated near Moscow. The team began this season with the updated structure that already became in some measure tradition. Headed team Alexander Grigoryan, the trainer who up to 2009 worked only in female soccer and achieved very good results there, for example, left with “the Star - 2005“ in the final of a female UEFA Cup. In the first six matches the team looked quite not bad, but after a draw with Novorossiysk “Chernomorets“ recession began: nine rounds the team did not win a victory, and in a match with “Mordovia“ lost with a devastating score 0:6 in house (!) match, and in the following game lost houses again, having passed three meek balls from Naberezhnye Chelny “KAMAZ“.

On the last place “Torch“, strongly was proved in a team asset only of 12 points at two victories, six anybody`s and eleven defeats.

One line higher than “Torch“, with advantage in 4 points, there is Vladivostok “a Beam - Energy“. In general, the team can still be considered as one of the main disappointments, along with “Pearl“, “Siberia“ and “Khimki“. But the team won in derby with Khabarovsk “SKA“ therefore there is a hope for what the club in the second circle will play more successfully, than in the first.

On the basis of this material it is possible to draw a conclusion, to answer the main issue: Whether “There are in FNL obvious leaders and outsiders?“ I think, no. Now on the first line two teams settled down at once, one more of all on a point lags behind them. That is at once three teams apply for the first post. In the lower part of the table, in its cellar, affairs go slightly differently: “Torch“ appeared at the very bottom of the table of ranks, with lag from the 19th line in 4 points, and teams with 19 on 13 place are in close proximity to each other: lag of “Beam“ (the 19th place) from “the Native of the Volga region - Gazprom“ (the 13th place) makes only five points. But, anyway, at new system of draw in which the first 8 teams fight for an exit in the Prime minister - League and the others - for a survival, only whether the team enters the eight is important or not. Of course, the team which took the 9th place following the results of two circles will look the favourite in relation to team on the 20th place, but and the outsider can shoot, and the favourite - to lose all the potential.