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Feudalism: we grew to it?

Sometimes should be heard that the Russian society to what there did not grow yet: to democracy, before elections of governors, to a jury and even to an assumption of 0,3 per milles of alcohol in blood at drivers of a car (the similar norm exists in the majority of the countries of Europe). And here, say, feudalism. We grew to it or not?

Personally I do not risk to object Iosif Vissarionovich convincing the Soviet people that class fight accrues in process of creation of socialist society; I almost agree with Leonid Ilyich claiming that developed socialism I am reached (at least, for members of the Central Committee of CPSU it was won); still I observed how Mikhail Sergeyevich tried to give to socialism a human face for what began to accelerate and reconstruct socialism - for some reason it was not possible; with communism it did not develop too - did not construct it by 1980 as had to according to the estimates of companion Khrushchev. But it is fine, another is worse: absolutely it is unclear, what “-ism“ outside now.

It is remembered, the hysteric woman at high school told that feudalism came after a slaveholding system. Matter of course, she did not observe it, but I trust the school teachers. At school learned that slaveholding in Russia was not. By process of elimination (if to reject all formations which did not turn out in the fatherland) we find two remained social orders: here also guess now what of them now.

In some mass media claim that in Russia it is headed for creation of state capitalism. I suspect that it is a newspaper hoax. There is no state capitalism to total thieves` economy which is observed in the modern Russian state.

The Russian banks cannot credit industrial production under normal percent. It is caused by risks of a non-return. In the state excessive taxes; the enterprises are not able to pay them in full that is, the probability of closing of the enterprise for failure to pay taxes is high, and then the credit non-return is inevitable. Under normal percent banks credit only the structures affiliated with them. In such conditions development of economy is impossible, and the idea of modernization turns into fiction.

Still there is an irremovability of elite that is characteristic more likely of slaveholding or class medieval society. Stability, you understand … The people were tired of changes.

As for the resources privatized in 90 - e years, our elite will never spend them for modernization of the power. They believe that they own property by right, and are ready to spend the income only for themselves. At the same time the infrastructure of the country grows decrepit and falls as fixed assets are worn-out for 70-90%. Here it becomes dangerous to live. In today`s Russia the risk of death from a civilization (there is such concept) is ultraboundary. Explosions in the privatized mines, the fires in private clubs, plus the falling-off roofs in the covered markets, in aquaparks …

A still happen inexplicable crashes of planes of private airlines, the privatized ships sink from a storm on the river (that the ship drowned on the river, let and on wide Volga, it it is necessary to try strongly). It is easy to continue the list of the tragedies which happened in recent years. However elite people do not agree something to change in a state system. They stole Russia from our fathers, they will not give it to our children.

The new police, as well as old militia, cannot (does not want?) to cope with crime. Well, simple people will deal with bandits; there are no doubts, and Sagra showed it. A question in another: whether the present power will remain sitting at the same time?

We will not forget also about such trifles as the right of extraordinary journey. Something similar was very actual on narrow small streets of the medieval European cities where the armed knight could not part with the dealer`s cart, and the last had to give way. The Middle Ages passed long ago, roads of steel very broad, but who told that feudal lords can be found only in the Middle Ages?

One popular domestic Internet - the portal conducted survey “You agree to the subject that Russia did not grow to the true feudalism yet?“

of 69,7% voted did not agree with it. In their opinion, all - grew. Means, forward to a feudalism victory! However, up to the end it is not clear: who will be a tsar - the former guarantor of the constitution or present.

However, there is an alternative option: return of the “red“ project. With the left idea hardly you will attract present forty-year-old - they lived in the USSR and saw everything. However the Marxism becomes popular in young people. The Marxism with a human face is quite probable in Russia 21 - go centuries. Lower than 40 dollars for barrel are enough to fall to price of oil, and the liberal economic idea will be buried. The nomenclature “will again be recoloured“, will jump is feudal - a capitalist formation and once again will lead Russia in inaccessible as a mirage, bright future.