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Why to the person literacy?

On the one hand, competent people, that is able to write and speak without mistakes were a little at all times. Among secretaries general, scientists and even writers people tongue-tied and writing with mistakes met. On the other hand, earlier the border passed between public layers, allocating community of the people considering itself intelligent, educated and widely-read; and now this border goes, cutting families, already in a notorious layer with the higher education, sense of humour and spiritual wealth.

Why recently the protest of competent minority is louder and louder? Why to them it is so uncomfortable among the mass of lovely and successful people to whom everything calls and the unknown subscriber calls?

Even we will not raise the question of destruction of Russian, he and not coped with such misfortunes. Let`s try to talk on a subject: what is literacy for us today. And if we manage to glance for a future parapet, then it will be good luck on which did not even count.

Literacy as the indicator “the-the stranger“

Is always pleasant to talk to the cultural person possessing the correct, figurative speech. And if this communication happens on interview at employment? We always unconsciously make the choice with whom to be on friendly terms with whom to spend time, and not the last role in this choice is played by literacy.

It was simpler two centuries ago - noblemen spoke in French, the others - who as is able. Today`s society so is eager for luxury of human communication that it is ready to take any ersatzes of social networks for this luxury. And on this field where chats, forums, twitters, blogs and the driving comments grow, it is already impossible to be closed from trolls and a charming illiterate shkolota.

Literacy as art

A it is also art. As opera. Thing in itself and for. There are primas, strong professionals, admirers, patrons, buildings, chairs. And this world is not crossed with a chanson kingdom in any way. As the scene is necessary in order that though on half-meter to rise over daily occurrence, and literacy allows to derive pure pleasure from skill and virtuosity.

Not without reason on an equal basis with horror of USE there is an entertainment of a total dictation which threatens to become soon an entertainment of the whole country.

Who remains to

of the Reservation of literacy in the dry rest - philologists, journalists, writers, teachers of literature, lawyers. Would like to add business correspondence here, but conscience does not allow. Literacy left these boundaries long ago and on all vertical. Few competent people on Internet open spaces, they disappear in reservations of rare clever portals. They occupy command heights in creation of content and moderating so far, but gradually die out. And the rest to be to anything competent, they already have the indulgence from a smilie in ICQ.

Literacy and the person from the people

does not see a problem the simple person. Nastuchit the letter on a template, the statement on a sample, article by an example. What mister Vord will emphasize krasnenky, will correct and that zelenenky, will break into two simple sentences. That to stylistics and sense, so he writes not the treatise about the Tibetan medicine, nobody will die of inaccuracies...

We leave, leaving the country to new, unknown generation. They not worse and it is not better than us, they are others. They read nothing. It is not necessary. There is no need to know something and to be able. Any knowledge will give the Network.

With dying off of the letter on paper literacy more and more concedes to utilitarian convenience. Any mistake, a slip, semantic and stylistic inaccuracies, all this will be soon considered as norm. Not for long it was necessary to wait for that day when to “ we brachashchitsya to couples “ will arrive “ rebuke on paraclowns “.

For now literacy is necessary to us to distinguish in crowd of the, to raise itself over daily occurrence and to derive pleasure from the existence.