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Whether there is a harm from a toilet bowl or How to fight against locks?

Before people brightened up to themselves life the invention of a toilet bowl, they led very much a healthy lifestyle. It would seem, such trifle, but this innovation very much changed mankind.

Our ancestor made this process or in bushes, them was more, or in a dark corner behind a hut in ďa pose of an eagleď. Harm from use of the appeared toilet bowl is comparable only to an atomic bomb, to one more destructive generation of a stray civilization.

When the mankind got up on toilet bowls, it began to strain absolutely other muscles. And this beginning of all beginnings because the muscles responsible for an extradition of kalovy masses (forgive, escaped), were out of work.

Besides, people began to eat more, to sleep more softly and to move less. And now for many a conclusion from an organism of waste became a problem.

According to some information, depletion of intestines ideally has to happen after each meal. In practice - if intestines are emptied once a day, then it is under our conditions already good.

After each meal children who are still healthy of yoga have a chair: they love a pose of an eagle and Africans because they are less spoiled by abundance of toilet bowls.

If you do not belong to the above-mentioned categories, then you, most likely, are familiar with such phenomenon as a lock. That is, to you here.

The reasons for an untimely conclusion of excrement a set, but most often it violations in work of a liver and digestive tract in general. To force lazy intestines to work as hours, it needs to pay attention.

Slackness (atoniya) of intestines can be caused by deficiency of fibers in a diet or insufficient amount of liquid. The stress and a lack of physical exercises can also lead to locks.

We will begin with liquid: it in a diet of each adult there have to be not less than six glasses a day.

Suppliers of fibers in an organism are whole grains, fruit and vegetables. Most of all fibers contain in the welded beans, prunes, a fig, raisin, apricots, corn flakes, grits, pears and nuts. One prevention: that you were not tormented by gases, increase amount of fibers gradually.

Physical exercises promote advance of food on intestines. Only you should not play sports right after food.

A stress - too responsible for a lock - will remove good heart-felt laughter.

Be careful of food which, on supervision, causes a lock in you. Most often it is cheeses, sheep cheese, milk, rice, rich bread and a persimmon.

All set of fermented milk products without exception - a holiday for the sleeping intestines. Only consider that two-day kefir has action, opposite fresh as it fixes.

At some the delay of a chair arises only when changing a habitual situation. Whether it be holiday, business trip or illness. By the way, some drugs can bring down your intestines from the correct course too. In this case it is necessary to eat a handful of the wetted dried fruits or one - two apples.

If you do not forget about morning problems and will drink a glass of kefir for the night, and in the morning, still lying in a bed, will massage to yourself a tummy and, having got up, will drink a glass of warm water with a lemon and honey, then, most likely, the lock will leave you forever. Doctors advise cold water, but my intestines react only to warm.

But if locks all - do not stop, you should shake up the grocery basket thoroughly. From plants as laxative the aloe, a linen seed, dandelion roots, a rhubarb, Senna, beet is applied.

If at you two - three days are not present a chair - it is necessary to give an enema or before a campaign in a toilet to deliver itself a glyceric candle, it is a purgative too.

When locks absolutely do not allow you to live any more, it is possible to use once a week laxative. But laxative - the last business: it absolutely razbalut your lazy intestines.

Doctors, having shown generosity here, allow ourselves to be defined that to whom suits. Purgen, extract of a buckthorn or izafenin to you will help to find vital balance if you are not far from a toilet bowl. Now we without it anywhere!