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Yim Cumak, princess of Inca. What is heard in its voice?

the Last princess of Inca, the descendant of the last Incan emperor - a legend it or not, nobody still knows. But her real name was Zoil`s of August Imperatris Kawarri del Castillo - an unpretentious Spanish name in which “Imperatris“ among other names nevertheless is evident. And the maiden name of her mother was Ataualpa, and here already without options: quite so called the leader of Inca executed by Spaniards.

As for Ataualpy, history of its board rather difficult, however in all Spanish-speaking literature it and is called - the last governor of the disappeared Inca civilization, the last Incan emperor. And Yim Cumak, respectively, a pr - a pr - a pr … the last Great Inky`s granddaughter. And the government of Peru in 1946 formally supported her in the right to be the Incan princess.

On July 28 - the Independence Day in Peru, in 1821 the state declared the independence of Spain. There is a wish to tell in more detail about the surprising woman, the gentleman of the Peruvian award and the possible descendant of the last Great Inky - Yim Cumak. She went on tour also in the USSR and even dubbed the Soviet movie.

... The girl Zoila of August Imperatris Kawarri del Castillo got far into mountains, in mysterious and such Andes, attractive for us, and there sang to rocks. Sang all ancient national Peruvian songs famous to it. Then she learned to imitate birds. And how to imitate! It is unlikely birds sometimes could distinguish.

She did not know notes (speak, so never and learned), however became the famous singer and the Hollywood actress. One of the few which visited the USSR and one of the very few to whom according to personal instructions of N. Khrushchev paid the fees in currency. However, did not pass also half a year of stay in the USSR as scandal burst. The singer did not like cockroaches in a hotel room, well will do! She in general was capricious - for example, argued with experts as now speak, on image, refusing to wear the offered clothes. And here - at all cockroaches. The Incan princess became angry, had such right …

B 1962 the first Soviet fantastic movie “Planet of Storms“ came out. This movie had huge value - including for the American cinema (it in America remounted and let under other name). In the movie, naturally, music sounds. And so it is not a synthesizer, it then was not yet. It is Zoily Augusty Imperatris Kavarri del Castillo`s voice who for a long time renamed himself in Yim Cumak. Not incidentally its voice sometimes call “inhuman“ - you listen, and you do not trust the ears.

The main riddle of Ima Sumak still is her unusual voice - in 5 octaves! It honor all keys of a piano. To put it mildly, unique, just improbable voice. From a low man`s baritone to such female soprano which no voice can take. Besides, many note some extremely strange feature to sing at once by two voices.

August Imperatris Kawarri del Castil or Yim Cumak`s Zoila was born on September 13, 1922 in the village of Ipochan, in the Peruvian Andes. Actually - and in that, as for date, and in that, as for the birthplace - there are divergences.

Spent the childhood in mountains, above all liked to sing. Of course, such voice was noticed at once - and Yim Cumak already acts on the Argentina radio, goes on tour across other countries of Latin America. Marries the musician Mozes Vivanko (Vivancho, Vivantso - everywhere write differently) - it was the first time when she married it, subsequently once again went beyond it.

In 1946 couple settles in New - York. Yim Cumak already more than it is popular, besides Hollywood could not disregard such extraordinary talent - and she acts in movies “Secrets of Inca“ and “Omar Khayyam“. Some songs become known and we have, for example, “A virgin for God of the Sun“. To the USSR, however, transferred more chastely - “The Anthem to the Sun“. She sang, of course, and the song “Flight of the Condor“ well-known for the whole world which all for certain know. This song, by the way, is cultural heritage and national property of Peru.

Itself to Yim call “the eighth wonder of the world“. And the singer preferred to sing on the family to her languages - Spanish and language of Quechua (language of the South American Indians which also Inca spoke). Yim Cumak in language of Quechua - “as it is beautiful“ or “a beautiful flower“. Style in which she preferred to work - originally with a mambo its latest albums already carry lounge to style.

The singer went on tour across Europe, with invariable success everywhere. Wrote down also albums which were sold out in big circulations without any advertizing.

Yim Cumak lived big life - 86 years, died on November 1, 2008. It is buried in Hollywood, on the cemetery “Hollywood Forever“. Its many songs are demanded also now - for example, one sounded in the movie “Big Lebovski“. In Germany about Yim Cumak the feature film is shot.

It is difficult to judge whether was Yim Cumak the princess - the Last Inky`s descendant (but I will remind that the government of Peru recognized her in this quality). But the fact that she was the queen of a vocal - it is realized by all. The voice is not just unusual, in it echoes of the little-known and almost left culture, ancient and mysterious are heard. But this culture slowly rises in the full growth. At the Latin American music (literature and painting) - the big future. More precisely, this future came for a long time.

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