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What is political KVN? Part 1

Surprising row. Criminal chronicles.

The chronicle of incidents for the last week. All coincidence of names in the chronicle is absolutely casual.

Dmitry Mevdedev with the wife could not depart on rest to Hurghada from in time - for delay of a charter. The travel agency in which vacation packages were bought refused flatly to compensate round cost. Mister Mevdedev promised to employ the best lawyers and to appeal to court with the claim for compensation of material and moral damage.

Vladimir Mutin traveling a self-locking device around the Caucasus was detained by the Chechen police for vagrancy. After clarification of the personality were apologized to mister Mutin and the tourist could continue the travel. The head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov called this incident annoying and emphasized that he plans to develop further tourism in the North Caucasus.

During single picket near the White House somebody was detained the citizen Serdyakov. He held the poster in hand: “No to sale of the Moscow helicopter carrier to France. On the citizen Serdyakov the protocol on administrative detention then it was released was made.

In St. Petersburg on July 10 the doctors of “Ambulance“ passing on a call on Nevsky Avenue noticed the citizen Valentinko looking at roofs of houses and shouting: “Well is not present an icicle there. They are absent“! After acceptance soothing the citizen was brought at the place of residence.

In Moscow near the fountain at the Bolshoi Theatre minors Girkorov and Culkin were detained. They grabbed each other breasts and shouted: “And you who such?!“ After their drive minor teenagers were transferred to office of police and drawing up the protocol on a small offense to parents.

Near the Park of Culture subway the police detained for lack of registration the citizen Rasheed Murgaliyev. That tried, having pulled out the Constitution of the Russian Federation from a pocket, to read several articles from it the police officer. In reply those read to the citizen Murgaliyev of his right and as the citizen did not calm down, were forced to apply means of self-defense - rubber bludgeons. Now the citizen Murgaliyev is in hospital with opened cherepno - a brain trauma. Business received a wide public response, and human rights activists from “Amnisti Internashional“ already became interested in it.

On Lubyanka in attempt to open the ATM a ball somebody is detained Roman Arbamovich. In a police station he explained that the ATM “began to live“ its plastic card of “Visa“ on which all its savings were stored. Criminal case under the article “Burglary“ is brought.

At railway station Cool the Kazan railroad the citizen Rizhinovsky who caused row in the couchette car was removed from the train “Moscow - Dushanbe“. Having overslept, the citizen Rizhinovsky called the station-master Ivan Petrovich Frolov the lawyer, broke a glass decanter and celebrated small need on the platform, having removed at the same time the inscription “SLAVA RPDL“. The hooligan is transferred to police. The investigation is carried on.

In attempt to exchange in exchange office at the Belarusian station of Moscow false hundred US dollars the citizen Mudrin who explained to the arrived police squad that he prefers to store means in a natsionalnoyvalyuta was detained. Against the citizen Mudrin criminal case under the article “Fraud“ is brought.

On the night of July 13 an assault of a gang of persons of an unspecified nationality was committed against a small small village situated near Moscow Barvikha. Imperceptibly for police of 15 jeeps with bandits passed on Rublevskoye Highway to the village where were met by its inhabitants holding axes and a pitchfork in the hand. Having seen such show, bandits right there retired. Now several residents of the village are arrested for excess of measures for self-defense.

And, finally, advertizing.

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The following news tomorrow in the same time.