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Value of social networks for the modern person of

Social networks captured consciousness of people of the twenty first century. So, average age of users varies from 7 to 48 years. And the number of hours which is carried out in the virtual, invented world does not give in to the account for a long time. So attracts people on social networks?

The first that comes to mind, it is undoubted communication: with friends, acquaintances and so on. Plus to it it is possible to add an excellent feature an institution of new acquaintances. Also this excellent place for entertainment: set of appendices, huge base of video, photo of casual users and similar.

All above-mentioned is supplemented by opportunities for self-realization. For example you are registered on twitter and you begin to advertize the blog there, you distribute photos, you tell about the ideas. With the current situation of things to make all this not so difficult.

The separate niche is occupied by the people wishing to equip the private life. They look for the partner in interests, make an appointment and further something can from this and it turns out. Agree, quite probable vital scenario. But let`s mention minuses of social networks.

Having now visited the page of VKontakte or Facebook, about the person it is possible to learn more, than it would be possible at a meeting in live. Here example of recent kidnapping of the son businessman Evgeny Kaspersky:

“ According to Kaspersky, social networks had “crucial importance in the incident“. “Vanya`s profile of “VKontakte“ contained more than enough details to understand his life, preferences, work and so on, and to plan a crime“, - the businessman wrote.

Evgeny Kaspersky also expressed confidence that use of social networks by kidnappers and maniacs is “only an iceberg top“. Far more important, the head of “Kaspersky Lab“ considers, the fact that information which got to the Internet remains there forever. “Tomorrow our children can strongly regret about the behavior and the left marks in social networks. It can negatively be reflected in their career, the social status and in general represents a fertile field for blackmail in the future, - he emphasizes. - Without saying that the published information can touch also us, parents“.

The businessman considers that for correction of a situation it is necessary to solve two problems. According to him, social networks have to develop the mechanism of prevention of the publication of private information which is placed by children in the accounts. Besides, according to Evgeny Kaspersky, need to impart both children, and parents skills of behavior on social networks.“

For some reason began very everyday occurrence to write very many information on itself in social nets. If so, then why not to write where do you live, your preferences on the first lamppost? It practically the same. Maybe plays some strange feeling of security?. It is unclear.

Everyone solves, than for it social networks are. Only let the real life will be fuller and brighter than virtual. And to think of what information should be spread on social networks, perhaps, already now.